Where can I watch the show "Made In Canada"?
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Where/how can I watch/get a hold of the Canadian comedy "Made In Canada" (a.k.a. "The Industry)?

I'm in the U.S. This show ran on my local PBS station some years ago. Since then, it's been impossible to find. It is now running on the Canadian TV channel Bite, but of course I don't have access.

Only season 1 out of 5 total is available on DVD.

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There seem to be a number of torrents listed on ISOHunt with plenty of seeds.
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Sadly, the show isn't in syndication at this time due to complicated ownership following the acquisition of Alliance Atlantis by Canwest Global in 2007. Echo Bridge now owns international syndication and home video rights.

Shame, too, as this is one of my favorite shows as well.
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I believe I have seen this floating around in the form of a DVD set here in NL, where Rick is a local institution. Maybe plan a trip here and hit up the flea markets? :D

Or if that's a tad bit impractical, put free Wanted ads in Kijiji Canada (esp. in the Newfoundland and Nova Scotia sections) or the NL Buy and Sell.

You might also want to consider contacting Salter Street Films in Halifax.
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Thanks, all.
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