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iPhone stolen, sad panda. Anything in particular I should keep in mind when I buy the replacement? Pros and cons of buying new rather than used or refurbished? Any smart ways to foil thieves next time around? Thanks.
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First, make sure you get the proper iPhone for your provider. You can't use a Verizon phone on AT&T, for example.

Also, if you have use Verizon or Sprint make 100% sure that the replacement phone hasn't been stolen and isn't attached to an account with an unpaid balance. Otherwise they won't activate it.
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Install Find My iPhone. Won't foil thieves, but may make it easier to recover if it is stolen (or wipe data if you can't recover it).
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My bf and I both have refurbished iPhone 4's and have never had a problem. You save $50-100 and you'd literally never know the difference, so no downside as far as I can tell.
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You should enable Find My Phone, like 6550 says. You also need to enable Restrictions though or any would be thief can trivially disable Find My Phone. If you can get a refurb at this point you should as the a iPhone is probably coming out this year.
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