Help me find gigabit switches that won't fail after 2 years
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Netgear GS108 alternatives? Mine keep dying.

I've had two of these switches fail in the same manner in the last 6 months. They ran fine for a couple years, but it seems like this model is known for experiencing capacitor failure. I know I could try and jump through the hoops of the Netgear "Limited Lifetime" warranty, but I'd rather just switch to a more reliable model. Can somebody recommend a different unmanaged gigabit switch, based on long-term experience and preferably a larger installation? I want reliability foremost, but improved power efficiency would also be a plus.
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I know this is a non-answer, but I wanted to mention that I've replaced a GS108 under warranty and the process was painless and quick. The replacement was brand new by all appearances, too, so I am hoping it doesn't have bad caps. (I suppose they could have a lot of inventory in the pipeline from before they found the bad caps though.)

I also have a GS116 and it has never failed in this way; perhaps it is new enough.
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Maybe an HP 1410G?
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I actually just posted about this in another thread, but the Netgear CSRs who support their ProSafe line are actually pretty great. The lifetime warranty is legit.

Very few hoops to jump through, and much less painful than dealing with the support reps for their consumer products.

Be warned that the power brick isn't under warranty. After authorizing the RMA, the guy suggested to me that I should try to find a compatible power brick before shipping the switch out. Lo and behold, it uses a fairly common voltage and plug, and I found a compatible power brick that brought my switch back to life.
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I ended up taking rhizome's advice and bought a couple HP ProCurve 1410-8G switches. So far, so good. As an added bonus, the ports are in the back of the switch, allowing for better cable management in my particular situation.
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