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In need of some inspiration/motivation

What are some of the most uplifting, encouraging, inspiring, and motivating things that you have encountered? This can be a song, article, video, or quotation...anything that comes to mind. Personal stories of falling into a rut and finding a way out are welcome, too.

I had a rough weekend (feeling hurt and rather alone) and am just searching for things to keep me going.
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"This Year" by the Mountain Goats.
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Also: "Comeback Kid" by Sleigh Bells
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Watching Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Craig Ferguson always makes me feel better about humanity and the world. (part 1, part 2)

I also have been known to watch Harold and Maude or old Muppet Show episodes (Peter Sellers & Harry Belafonte are esp. great) whenever I need a mental oil change.
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This documentary will get you motivated to be the change that you want to see in the world, kind of thing.
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If you just need a quick jolt I always feel a little better after looking at the pretty pictures (totally SFW, except for the silly name) at r/earthporn.
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Peter, Paul and Mary.
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This ALWAYS makes me smile. Maria Aragon doing a cover of Born This Way.

You might also enjoy Jessica's Daily Affirmation.

Recent story about a young woman who overcame a severe head injury to run a marathon this month. "The Reanimation of Alison"

And this is my favorite inspiring quote
"What I would appeal to the whole world, I would say, ‘Come down to Earth and face reality. Face reality. Know what’s going on in the lives of other people. You have the access to everything, but think of that person from the beginning point, who has no access to medicine, who has no access to food, who has no access to a good life. Think of such people who are like so and I think we’ll have a better world."
- Olivia Nantongo, A Closer Walk"
(as a young woman she died of AIDS, but she had an irrepressible positive attitude)
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One more: previously.
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When I feel low this song and video are uplifting to me: Where the Hell is Matt? People connecting through dance through out the world. The kids in some of the clips take it to the next level and it would be challenging to watch them and not laugh or feel better for a moment.

You may (or may not) find "Life in a Day" uplifing or for a moment,feel connected to the world.For example, they include a clip of a little boy who does day labor (polishing shoes), but he is very happy and talks about how he is thankful for his father who makes his breakfast, etc.

Also nthing muppets as uplifing, like Furry Happy monsters
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Nth-ing that "Where the Hell is Matt?" video where the locals join in to dance with him. I keep a copy of it on my iPhone as a "just in case" thing.

Also this: "93 Million Miles" by Jason Mraz completely chokes me up every time.
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Oh this one!!
It always makes me feel better.
Hope it works for you...hang in there.
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It's a small bit of serendipity that I read your question right after reading this blog post, written about the simultaneous coexistence of grief and the utter, nearly incomprehensible beauty of life. Bittersweet but terribly, terribly inspiring.
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1) Get naked, grab a disco ball/strobe lights, and turn off all the lights in your living room. Turn up the Gaga, Harris, Survivor, Vengaboys, Eiffel 65, Beach Boys, and whatever else you enjoy dancing to. (I generally start masturbating immediately after but YMMV.)
2) Enjoy your favorite meal.
3) Take a nice, long bubble bath and play Baz Lurhman's Wear Sunscreen on repeat until you've memorized and internalized the message.
4) Watch Randy Pausch's Last Lecture and Elizabethtown.
5) Remind yourself that it's all work out.
6) Write out your feelings on one A1 piece of paper for an hour nonstop. After you're done, seal it in an envelope and hide it under your bed with instructions to open it in exactly three days.
7) Go on a mini-vacation to clear your head, if possible.
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'Divine Intervention' by Slayer. YMMV.
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Watching old people, blind people, out of shape people, paraplegics, cancer survivors, sub0Saharan Africans and about any other kind of "disabled" or "disenfranchised" people you can image running the Houston Marathon. I volunteered for several years and seeing them always made me choke up with pride for them. It only took a few years before I was inspired to race myself.
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By the way, running is great medicine. It's part meditation, part endorphine, and part too-exhausted-to-give-a-shit.
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I find Wilco's Summerteeth album to be really uplifting, especially the song Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway(again). Super motivating.

Also, for pure glad-I'm-aliveness, which I need a dose of every now & then, nothing beats Wings of Desire.
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