Windows Phone 7 lost comma key
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What happend to the comma on my Windows Phone 7 keyboard in the "to" field of email?

Generally on the WP7 keyboard the comma is just to the right of the key that switches to numeric. But when in the "to" field when sending an email, the comma disappears. It's there in the subject line and everywhere else. Just the "to" field appears to scare it away. Not only that, it isn't even anywhere in the symbols. Where, oh where, did my little comma key go?
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can you tap and hold the period? See: Where's the comma button when inputting username for outlook sync
posted by nightwood at 7:31 AM on May 14, 2012

When would you need a comma? Typically the OS should provide an alternate way of separating email addresses (i.e. on iOS you can hit "enter"). Since it's not needed, removing it also reduces input errors.
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