Guitar Lessons in Cambridge/Somerville(/Boston?)
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I have a friend who's looking to learn (rock) guitar. Any firsthand recommendations for teachers in the Somerville/Cambridge area?

She's a big classic rock and metal fan, so advise accordingly. She has a basic knowledge of music theory, but it's not at the intuitive level yet; she's also the kind of person who would learn best with a solid theory grounding. She's very much a beginner at actually playing. We're in Somerville, but Cambridge is also a reasonable option - at any rate, T accessibility is a must, since she doesn't have a car.

Thanks as always, mighty hivemind.
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Oh my, yes. Your friend wants to go to Tony Savarino. I took lessons from him and I am pretty sure that he is exactly what she is looking for. He's not in Cambridge or Somerville, though - but he's directly off the south station stop on the red line.

I also know some other local folks who are fantastic, but whom I haven't taken lessons from personally, and I need to check with them first to see if they're currently taking new students.
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Sam Davis. Seriously.
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Seconding Sam Davis. I've heard from a number of guitar students that he's great. I recommend taking a first lesson from a few different teachers to see who's a good fit for her.
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