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Can someone identity the MALE actors in these [NSFW] videos?

I've never been one to watch porn, but lately I've really been digging X-art and well, I really would like to know who are the male actors in some of their videos. I've tried looking at their website and although the name of the actresses is plastered everywhere, I haven't had much luck with finding the name of the guys.

These are the two videos I am talking about [BIG NSFW WARNING]: Here and Here

Thank you very much in advance.
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Have also had no luck in identifying these actors; one gets the feeling they are 'semi-professional' or amateur participants rather than porn stars.
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Best answer: Unfortunately, the male actors take a back-seat to the female performers in most porn today, and seem to appear and disappear quite quickly. The X-Art website lists the actor in the Young Love video simply as "Tommy", and he appears in other videos under the same name. Whether that's actually his name or not, of course, is debatable.
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