Day trips from Cagayan de Oro
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Suggestions for one-day trips this June out of Cagayan de Oro* in southern Philippines?

These trips have to be:
  • by public transit (including cabs if needed)
  • doable in one day (no overnight stays, ideally getting back to CdO before 10pm or so)
I mostly prefer outdoor / nature / water / waterfalls / adventure-ish types of activities. I'm not a scuba diver but I'd be interested in some spectacular snorkeling, especially if I could rent the gear at the destination. I'll probably have time for 2 or 3 separate day trips.


(*as an aside, I highly highly recommend checking out the relief organization All Hands, the reason I'll be there.)
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Cagayan de Oro is popular for whitewater rafting, to start with. I haven't been there so I can't vouch for a good service -- google turns up a lot of results.

There's also this Filipino travel blogger who wrote about the Mapawa river trek which goes through five waterfalls. See here
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Try visiting the Maria Cristina Falls.
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