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I want to buy a...something that would help me convert my regular desk into a standing desk and back into a sitting desk if I choose.

Does such a thing exist? I was thinking someone must make an adjustable platform or hutch that I could raise up when I want to stand and lower when I want to sit.

BUT, while I know that there are desks that do this, they are not approved by my workplace. Whatever I do has to use my existing desk as a base.

Alas, I use a huge desktop Mac at work, so it's not like I could just buy a music stand to prop a laptop on when I wanted to stand.
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I'm going to tell you what I did for my boss. You didn't mention a price range, so forgive me if this is ridiculous.

I got this monitor arm for him and bolted it to his desk. Provides about 2.5-3 feet of vertical movement (enough to go from sitting to standing), plus tons of rotational/sideways flexibility. Then I installed this keyboard tray mechanism, which extends upwards enough to be usable while standing. He's only like 5'4", though, so it may not be tall enough if you're taller.
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I don't know what they're called, or where they may be had, but at Hewlett Packard in Houston, where I work, we have desks in our cubicles which you can crank up to standing height or down to sitting height. I say "crank", because there's literally a little crank handle on the things that you, well, crank, to move them up or down.

I've only ever seen one person crank it up to stand-up desk height.
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Best answer: I had one of these at work. It was functional, but I ended up not using it. I wanted a whole desk that was tall versus just a tray and monitor that raised and lowered. Now I just stand all day :)
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Recently someone here on askmefi recommended Ergotron Workfit. I thought I favorited it but now I can't find it. I don't have one but I jotted the name down and I think it's what you are looking for.
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Are you in an office or a cubicle? If your office will allow it, this (and a variation) is a possibility. I recently set it up in my home office, and it works quite well. I just took the top off of my desk and put it on the brackets.

It's not necessarily a quick adjustment from standing to sitting, but it is possible.
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Reframe the problem. You want a desk you can stand and, and a desk you can sit at. Does the desk need to be adjustable?

I have a stand-up desk at work, and a chair that's essentially a bar stool with a small back. I stand for a while, then I sit for a while. It doesn't really matter that I'm sitting high (and it's a chair that's very easy to get out of.)
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I have an adjustable height desk which I got from here (the cheapest possible sort, which is just a frame), and bodged an Ikea top onto it. It works well as a standing and sitting desk.

To get the screen height right I have another raised bit on top of the desk which is just made from a bit of wood supported on my speakers. Here is a photo of the arrangement (you can also see the treadmill part underneath).

Having the screen raised like that seems to work fine for me in the sitting position as well.
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Seconding the tall chair at a non-adjustable standing desk. You don't have to get a bar stool, you can find office chairs that are the right height with full adjustments and wheels for about the same price as a regular office chair.
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Oh, the other advantage of adjustable height (at least for me) is the ability to quite finely control the height. Things like wearing different shoes change my height enough to warrant a little tweak up or down.
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Best answer: There are commercial options (example) that do exactly what you are asking; they aren't as cheap as a DIY, but the advantage is that they will look appropriate in a modern office setting and don't take a lot of experimentation and building. Googling "adjustable standing desk" brings up plenty of websites; which path is correct will depend a lot on your budget and how you need it to look.
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That kangaroo (in Forktine's post) is pretty neat, and does what the OP wanted (using the original desk, as his office requires). However, I'd like a similar thing that would accomodate more than my computer set-up: I edit real paper manuscripts, and thus need to be able to elevate a bigger workspace on which to spread papers around. Does anybody know an adjustable surface that would do something like that?

(apologies if it's bad form to add a modification to OP's question -- feel free to memail me instead of cluttering this thread, if so.)
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I used two cardboard boxes that paper comes in on my desk at work as a way to have a standing desk.

It was quite ugly but worked well for over a year before the facilities guy finally convinced me to let him move my desk up.

I had my keyboard on one box and my mouse and notepad on the other. I put the monitor on a smaller box so it wouldn't be too high.
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The ergonomics program at my work has shifted over to the Ergotron line and everybody who has them seems to like them. As far as I can tell, they're both sturdier and cheaper than the stand-alone electric sit-stand desk I got before the Ergotrons were introduced (*grumble*).
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