I only barely understand what a lumen is
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I'm getting a projector for gaming (and occasionally movies). It's across a living room, about 15 feet, to go on a wall. I've previously used just a boring office projector and that worked fine. I'm not super concerned about image quality; it needs to be good enough to read text on the "screen", but that's about it. Can I get away with an LED projector?

I get a little bit of ambient light in the daytime, but not much, and 90% of my use of this device is at night anyway.

LEDs seem to have WAY less lumens than the other kinds of projectors, but I'd like not to worry about bulb replacement.
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Here's a link to a page from projectorcentral.com - Brightness - that gives some info on selecting a projector. The "Projector Calculator" linked to on that page starts with you selecting a manufacturer & model, so you'll have to do some research first & come up with a list of possible models.
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Best answer: I have a 5-year old LED projector, a Mitsubishi PK10 that works fantastically at night. I use it in a room with some ambient light. I've also used it outside with a bit more ambient light, and about 12-15 feet away from the screen.

Specs say it's only 10 lumens. I think it's great. They aren't kidding about the wider color gamut of LEDs. Reds are REAAAALLY red.
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