3D Zodiac character items needed
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Where can I find good quality stamped or molded _3D_ reproductions of zodiac signs (the fish, goat, scales, etc - not the written characters) of a "classical" appearance, between 1" and 2" diameter? I found several places selling a zodiac candy mold, which might work, but I'm not sure I like the style of the images. I'm wanting to use whatever I find as a pattern for sand-casting metal to make adornments for a big armillary sphere I'm building for my garden, so it doesn't really matter what they're made out of. Tin, plastic, wood, paper - whatever. If they're too flimsy I can make castings of them and use those as patterns. Suggestions would be appreciated. :-)
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Dunno if these will help, but here are some in plastic or these plaster casts might be adapted--they're cool, but about 4 inches.
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have you tried searching for zodiac keyrings? should be about the right size and prob available by the dozen on amazon...
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BlueHorse - I had found both of those already - the plastic ones are... not the style I'm looking for, and the plaster ones are too large, but thanks.

Sexyrobot - Keyrings was a great idea; I thought you had the answer there. But after looking at every zodiac-themed keyring/keychain/etc on Amazon and eBay, I can tell you that 1) 99% of them are printed images in clear plastic, 2) there's somebody in China who can sell you lots of 100 zodiac keychains, as long as they're all Libra (not even sure I want to know how that happened), and 3) there is some _really_ tacky stuff to be had with zodiac signs on it. :-/ Thanks, though. I'll keep looking.
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If you can gin up a digital model, you might be able to use one of the print-on-demand 3d fabricators. I know there are a few sites out there that do this now. It'd be more expensive but you'd be able to get exactly what you want.
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Have you tried Etsy? These, for example, are a little small... but you might also have luck finding someone who does custom molds or searching through previously-sold items to see if there's something you like that the seller is willing to make for you specially.
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Nthng curious nu. It may also be worth checking you local college/university's fine arts department -- most have 3d printers these days and you may be able to find a kind TA or grad student willing to print up something for the cost of materials.
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I ended up ordering a couple of these. Since I wanted to end up with molds I could use to cast aluminum or pewter, I first poured a set of plaster positives from these molds. The first attempt (sand casting from the plaster positives) left a rougher surface finish than I wanted. Then I remembered I had some leftover heat-resistant RTV liquid rubber casting material from Smooth-On. I made a box around the plaster positives, sprayed them with paint to seal them, and then poured the RTV rubber over them to make a negative mold. The next day, I peeled it off and was able to cast some pewter zodiac disks very similar to what I originally had in mind. Thanks for the good suggestions, folks!
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