How to do a pre-downloaded Achewood collection with alt-text intact?
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I'm planning a very long airplane flight, and I'd love to spend it re-reading Achewood if at all possible, on my iPad. One caveat: alt-text!

Does anyone know if there's any practical way to, say, cull the alt-text from Achewood strips and somehow add them to a .cbz collection in a way that the Cloud Readers app can understand? Alternately, is there some sort of easily workable option involving the iBooks Author software? (although that would require keeping the iPad in landscape orientation, and the longer strips are very much vertically oriented)

Basically, any suggestions, ideas, or "I've already got that covered"s?
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I don't have an iPad and am not familiar with Cloud Readers or iBooks Author, which may add to my confusion regarding the question. I am familiar with a love of Achewood, though.

What exactly are you asking? Do you already have the images stored somewhere and you want to make sure you also have the alt-text with it? Do you just need to know some CBZ file format tricks? Do you want to know how to crawl the site and take down a copy of every strip (plus alt-text) without being a dick to Onstad?
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Well, strictly speaking, I've already got a more-or-less complete cache of the comics themselves — I'm mostly curious if there's some way to readily add the alt-text in some format that's easy to view while reading through that collection, ideally within the Cloud Readers app, which is primarily a cbz reader.
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