From A to Spain (Salou that is)
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Other than by car, what is the quickest way (at reasonable cost) to get from BCN, Barcelona's airport to Salou in the Tarragona region just south of Barcelona using public transportation? It's 1.5 hrs by car but 4+ by PT according to the Google.

I'm traveling on a Monday, leaving BCN in the morning.
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In Google Maps, directions by "public transit" refer to municipal/commuter systems, not the national rail systems. Take the local system to get to the main train station in Barcelona, and then catch one of several-times-a-day trains to Salou.
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Four hours by public transport sounds a bit on the long side. Barcelona Sants to Salou by train is an hour to an hour and a half, and I'm pretty sure there's a train to Barcelona Sants from BCN that takes half an hour. So I'd say that, timetable permitting, something of the order two to two and a half hours should do it.
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Best answer: Empresa Plana runs a coach from BCN Terminal 1 to Salou: 15 euro, just over 90 minutes. They're in the shoulder-season right now; the high season timetable starts on June 1st.
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(The journey time varies depending on the time of day, so it may be more like two hours later in the morning.)
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Response by poster: Thanks Holgate. We did exactly that and it was great - super friendly staff as well.
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