Cute, magical date ideas for two sad people?
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Cute, magical date ideas for two sad people? [happening tonight!]

I've been seeing this guy for a few weeks. It's super casual, but we've already become great friends, and are sure to stay close even when we're no longer dating. (We're 90% of what each other is looking for, but both have a few deal breakers, so we know this won't last forever). We're both exactly what each other needs right now, and the time we spend together is so fun!

He's currently going through a divorce, and has had a number of particularly heartbreaking arguments with his ex-wife this week. I've had a miserable week as well, for obviously unrelated reasons. We have a date tonight, and I'm looking for something magical and fun to do! Something cheap, not location-dependent, and easy to plan.

I had the idea of making those glow-in-the-dark bubbles, because it sounded like a super awesome fun idea, but it turns out they don't really work. I'm looking for an alternative. More along the lines of finger painting in the park, or pretending to be different characters while shopping in a store, and less along the lines of bowling or bumper cars or DIY pottery. Silly, cute, cheap and stress-releasing are the key! Can include sexy elements.

About us, I'm late 20's, he's early 30's, in Montreal, the weather is beautiful today, he doesn't like getting too dirty (picnic in an abandoned building is out), we're both incredibly into politics and travel and different cultures.

Any ideas (whether used tonight or in the future) are super appreciated! Thanks mifites!
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To be honest, the most magical moments I've had were not planned. Then again, I hate plans or more specifically I hate expectations. That said, I have done the pretending to be different characters (not planned) while shopping which made for tons of laughs. I say check the local to do's for tonight and then pick something. Be direct, enjoy the moment, and make lots of jokes. Smile frequently and let the conversation flow without inhibitions or plans. That is when true magical moments happen.

A quick check shows that Montreal Science Centre has a Star Wars exhibit currently in town. Fun.
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It's Sunday! Go to Tam Tams!
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(Or if that's too early, just get lost together in a neighbourhood you don't know.)
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I second Tam Tams! Just bring a blanket and bask!
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I'm probably about to make a long series of terrible suggestions, but my first thoughts are-

Maybe you two could play board games. Those are pretty enjoyable if the company is pleasant, and there's a huge range of those to choose from- like ones from different cultures.

Going on a walk/bike/motorcycle ride, getting as lost as you can and then trying to find your way back home is also enjoyable.

Another thing that I like to do is dress up in black suits with a person I know while also wearing black sunglasses. Pick a benign looking stranger and follow them at a distance of 40 or so feet for the night and try seeing how long it takes for them to notice you (this works better if you aren't too creepy about it).

You might also try picking a bus or train with a very scenic route and riding it all the way to the end and back. Seeing new but local sights is fun.

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How about a friendly Hula hoop competitioin? Red wine optional.
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Me and my wife loved riding the rental bikes around Saint Helen's island as it got dark when we were in Montreal on our honeymoon.
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this works better if you aren't too creepy about it

As a benign stranger: I don't see any way for that not to be "too creepy".
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A wonderful, but probably not what I'd define as magical, thing to do to blow off steam and laugh a lot is to get nerf guns which shoot suction cup tipped darts and have a nerf war. Something like number eight on this list of nerf weaponry, would work marvelously.

Bonus side effect: the darts stick to glass/shiny surfaces like TV screens and can be used when watching politicians debating or sports.
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Grab some "Bruce Lee" Kung Fu DVDs from a dollar store. Cheap, easy, and cheesy. Added bonus? It's never Bruce Lee. Dragon Li, Bruce Li, etc. Plenty to make fun of in the movies, too.
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The insect museum is pretty cool (and I loathe most insects, so that's really saying something). I think they have a butterfly garden dome as well, which is super romantic.
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Build a pillow fort!
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Why not have a picnic outside in the sun (doesn't have to be an abandoned building to be fun!) Fly a kite or a sail a remote controlled boat. I'm not sure that the suggestion of stalking a random stranger is a great one, unless you want to be able to tell your future kids about the time your date ended up with both of you in jail. Water balloon fight instead, perchance?
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only speak non verbally for x amount of time. perhaps only using sounds or facial expressions or body expressions or props (think who's line is it anyway)
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As a benign stranger: I don't see any way for that not to be "too creepy".

I mean, don't carry a knife in one hand while you're doing it, shower first, ymmv, etc.
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I had a fun date many years ago when an old bf decided to take me around the world in one night. We went to a Japanese restaurant for starters and some sake, then off to Italian for the next course, We went to china town next and we ended up at a Lebanese restaurant eating baklava and drinking delicious coffee.

We had to pretend we were in the countries, and try and speak the language while we were in the restaurant. He made me try all sorts of weird off menu items in the Chinese place, I still don't know what half of them were but they fun to try.

This worked because it was in a smallish city (Adelaide in Australia) and we could walk the block or 2 between restaurants with no worries. The guy was a looser dooche bag, but I still remember the amazing night, walking the streets on a summer evening trying to figure out where we were going to go next.

This would work with street vendors or noodle bars so you wouldn't have to spend too much. Have a gelato here, some noodles there, macaroons somewhere else etc etc.
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My other recommendation would be to be considerate of other people as you're setting up your adventure. Like, following people is rude and scary. Why make them be nervous so you can get a laugh or be amused? And how do you think it would make the waitstaff at an ethnic restaurant feel for you to make fun of the language of that restaurant?

I'm all for kooky fun -- just so long as it's not kookiness that'll hurt someone else's day.
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