What can I buy my Canadian friend when I'm in the UK ... today?
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Bad friend: I forgot to buy a birthday present for my Canadian friend. I am in the UK. I would like to be able to give her something today. I have a debit card, a credit card, Paypal and the internet. I'm thinking that a voucher would be good, but for example, can I buy an amazon.ca voucher for her? Can she use an amazon.com or .co.uk voucher in Canada? What other vouchers are there that will allow me to pay from the UK?

She's a literary-minded lady who likes nice things, and the outdoors. Just moved in to a new house. So if there's some site that she would adore a voucher for, and they do things in the £20-£30 price range, do tell!
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Call up her favorite restaurant and order delivery food with a credit card.
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Another assumption to add: I don't know her habits that well (e.g. down to fave restaurant level) and I don't have an international calling plan, so I'd rather my money went on the gift rather than phone calls ... sorry didn't make that clearer ...

And I will stop thread-sitting now!
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The best possible place to get someone an outdoorsy Canuck a gift voucher to is Mountain Equipment Co-op. They do electronic gift cards and, though you have to arrange the purchase by phone if you aren't a member, they have a toll-free number.
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Chapters/Indigo is a Canadian bookstore chain with an online shopping site. They also sell gift-y items. There's an Electronic Gift Card available.
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I've ordered gifts for Irish friends from Amazon.co.uk using a Canadian Visa, and had it delivered directly to their door in Galway. I presume the same kind of thing could work in reverse...
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Thanks for the info so far. Toll free numbers aren't usually toll free outside the country in question, but the Chapters thing looks marvellous!
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You can send her an amazon.com or amazon.ca gift card electronically. Chapters is ok but amazon.ca seems to be cheaper and then she can get more stuff!
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I am in the UK and have bought stuff on Amazon US loads of times with my UK debit card. You can even log on with the same account details as your UK account IIRC.
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