Need help on downloading pictures from Nikon Coolpix camera
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When I download my pictures to my computer from my Nikon Coolpix S630, it always downloads ALL the pics instead of just the new pictures I just took. How do I download only the new pics?

There is a prompt that says, download new pics only? and I do that, but it still downloads all 600 pics I have saved on the camera. I have already downloaded those, and I just want the two or three photos that I took today. How can I do this without deleted my photos from the camera?
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Is there a reason you're saving pictures on the camera? If you need to back up your photos, you're probably better off using a [free] online service like Dropbox - or a photo site specifically.

Also, in order to solve this problem it would be helpful if you told us what operating system you have and what program you use to download the pictures from the camera. And, in order to solve the problem, you could try using a different program to download the pictures.
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I don't bother with the special programs at all. If you don't have any drivers installed, then when you plug the camera into the computer it looks just like a flash drive. You can open it just like you would open a flash drive, and find the directory where the picture files are located, and then select just the ones you want and drag-and-drop them into whatever directory on your computer that you desire.
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What computer/OS do you have? What program are you using to download the pictures?

If you're using a PC, use the Windows Camera and Scanner Utility (or whatever it's called), it's faster and easier than the stupid programs that come with your computer. I think you can just select the pictures you want.
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