Zurich patent office that Einstein worked in
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Does anyone know if the patent office in Zurich, Switzerland that Einstein worked in when he published his famous papers at age 26 still exists? If so, where is it and is it open to the public? If not, what happened to it?
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Response by poster: Uggh. It was actually in Bern. My mistake. Same question still applies.
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According to this, his house was still there in 2006.

The Einstein House at Kramgasse 49 in Bern's well-preserved old town is where he lived from 1903 to 1905. It is a small museum and memorial to the physicist who has been called the greatest man of the 20th century.
In reality, the house is a rather modest two-room apartment. "Here we are in the living room. It probably served Einstein as a study as well," explains Barbara Bürki of the Einstein House.

And the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property is there, as well.
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Best answer: The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property has an Einstein FAQ page that recounts the previous addresses of the Institute .
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According to that page, he worked in two different buildings. The second has been razed. About the first it says:
The building on the Speichergasse is currently used by Swisscom. Einstein’s former office has been remodelled. There is nothing to remind us of the famous patent clerk who worked there. The entrance to the building is not public. Einstein’s desk in the house at 49 Kramgasse, where he lived from 1903 to 1905, can be visited.
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Best answer: If you're doing the whole Einstein Switzerland tour, you should visit the Alte Kantonschule Aarau (in German) where he went to school for a couple of years. There's also a plaque on a house nearby where he lived at the time. There's also an Einstein restaurant in Aarau that looks pretty nice.
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