Is there a DVD equivalent to sending your photos to be picked up at a Walgreen's in another state?
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Is there a service (I was hoping FedEx did this, but, alas) where you can upload a DVD image from one state and someone can come pick up a burned copy in another state? (Beats mailing it.)
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Why not use Dropbox?
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outside of Dropbox or competitors like (in which you'd just put it in a folder and share it out to the person's email address), some of the online backup providers will burn backed-up data to a DVD. (Mozy and CrashPlan both offer this.) you could have the raw DVD data in a folder and then set up the client to just back up that folder, then order a DVD from them. might be expensive, though - there's no pricing on either of their sites, but Backblaze charges $99 or so for USB flash drive restore media.
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Best answer: I've never seen such a thing. You might try a listing on (offer $10 or two fiverr transactions or maybe more) or craigslist for the target area, and have the burner leave the DVD at a sub or pizza shop convenient to the recipient.

On fiverr there are enough techies advertising to do other things that I'm sure one in your target area would pick your listing.
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Could you upload to kinkos online and then have someone pick it up?
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Best answer: There are little all-purpose AV/computer-repair shops in every town that will do this for you. They probably don't have a standard workflow because it's an unusual request, so just talk to the owner or the tech.
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I"d just post it using snail mail. - You can just stick a raw disc (no case) in a C5 Envelope and post that at about the same rate as a normal letter. I used to post out CDs of data like that quite often for music projects and it would cost almost nothing even posting world-wide.

but perhaps you have trouble getting to the post office during office hours.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. Kinkos was completely confused by the idea. I ended up loading video files to Dailymotion so the client could preview them, and then sending a video DVD much later.
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Response by poster: Wow! Createspace is super cool. Thanks for the heads up!
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