Please help me ID this TO-220-3 IC
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What kind of IC is this? Picture shows a TO-220-3 IC with the label S9010, B5 and a manufacturer logo of a sort of stylized C. It is installed in the Q1 position so I assume it is a transistor.

This component is on the motor control board from a treadmill. The motor controller is a MC-2100 Rev. B manufactured by Icon.

Judging by the Q1 label of its position on the board, I guess it is a transistor. Here is a picture of the component on the board). I am having trouble finding a datasheet for it.

Google yielded this forum post that references a similar motor controller and seems to ID the component SCR 8025L. My motor controller is 120 VAC not 220 VAC, so I am concerned that might be a different component.

I did not find the logo in this list of semiconductor manufacturer logos. I tried Google Image Search and Tineye to find the manufacturer's logo also.

Digikey and Mouser were not helpful. Mouser has S9010 parts in TO-220-3 form factor but it is a Schottky diode, and has much more information/labels on it. I would think that would be labelled D1 not Q1.

I found several of these motor controllers for sale on EBay. Some of the pictures show the same S9010 with a different B-number. I suppose that is a batch ID or something.

I also found a troubleshooting guide for the motor controller [pdf] but it does not mention that particular component.

I contacted the manufacturer but have not heard back.

Please help me and thank you in advance.
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Check for power FETs related to the relatively common IR 9010. I don't recognize the logo, but it could just be a cheap clone of the IRFU9010?
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Thanks for the suggestion.

Digikey brings this thyristor up for 9010 but does not give an indication of why.

I can't find an IR 9010 in TO-220-3 packacing. Digikey lists a few with TO-251, TO-252, TO-263 and TO-220-5 but those aren't right. In particular, TO-252 seems to lack the mounting hole for a heat sink.
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Ah, sorry. I didn't realize the IR 9010 didn't come in through-hole. :/
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Was it bolted to a large heatsink? If so, it's probably a motor drive mosfet. I couldn't find the part number or equivalent anywhere, though.

Note that there's a lot of information out there about an earlier(?) model MC-60, but it apparently used SCR drive rather than PWM, so anything you find may not be directly applicable.

It looks like a few people have used this motor controller for their CNC projects, so you might try asking on one of those forums:
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Was it bolted to a large heatsink?

Yes the entire PCB slots into a piece of aluminium extusion that acts as a heat sink. This IC was bolted to to it, right next to the controller's main rectifier and a few other components.

It looks like a few people have used this motor controller for their CNC projects, so you might try asking on one of those forums:

That is a great idea twisted mister, thanks!
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Still no definitive answer yet. As it turns out the controller was damaged more severely than I thought so I'm probably going to replace the whole board. If the new one has a more readily identifiable chip I will post an update.
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I found another picture of this board from ebay. The component has an easily identified part number, namely S4025L. It appears that it is an SCR THYRISTOR, 25A, 400V. The board was beyond repair.
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