Help Me Find the Best Office Chair
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What's the best office chair for someone with scoliosis and chronic lower back pain? I don't know what's happened in chair design since the Aeron chair made such a splash and would appreciate your help in getting up to speed now that I have an office where I can order a chair to spec.

Thanks for your help!

(Please don't recommend a standing desk; that's not what I'm looking for).
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I'm seriously considering a swopper for my lower back pain.
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I really like my Steelcase Leap because it allows me to sit at 135 degrees with ease. It has many adjustments, so I can sit exactly how I want and not how the chair wants me to sit.
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Check out the Container Store Bungee Chair. Surprisingly good quality, affordable back support. I bought one for my sister who has lower back pain, and she loves it.
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To follow up on aloysius on the mixing boards response, I was in the market for a new desk chair a couple months ago as I was experiencing both lower back and hip pain from my cheapo big box store chair. I looked at previous AskMe questions and the Steelcase Leap seemed the way to go, however I simply could not find a store in my area that actually sold one. Crate & Barrel however sold the Steelcase Think which I decided to purchase after a few test sittings. Since then, I have not looked back. Never realized how important a good office chair is for posture and wellbeing and I my lower back and hip feel a thousand times better. The chair has a whole bunch of individual bars/flexors that conform to the shape of your spine and pelvis and adjust accordingly, making for a very comfortable seating arrangement. It's not cheap, unfortunately, but I think places like have it at slightly better than store prices.
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If money's not a problem, contact ErgoGenesis about a BodyBilt chair. They'll send out an ergonomist and then a salesman and you'll get a chair that works for you. But it'll cost a ton. But if your company will spring for it or you don't mind paying for it yourself, they rock and their customer service is extremely good.
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