What sort of store do you buy disguise makeup at?
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Where does one buy disguise makeup stuff? (types of local stores) A mask like the kind from spfxmasks.com (doesn't have to be that good though) would be nice. But really I can make do with a lot less... whatever I can buy in local stores, as I need it soon. But I have no idea what type of store I would buy it at, so I could check the yellowpages and start calling around. This is in Ottawa, anyone know any specific stores here, either? In particular I need a skin colored patch to conceal some distinctive skin features. I actually want to have the disguise on by 2pm today... cut it a bit close I know but the idea did not develop until now...
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Well, I can't help you with a mask, or where to buy one, but if it's to cover up some things on your skin, perhaps you could skip the mask and just use a good concealer?

Dermablend is excellent, if you can find it, but depending on what you're covering up, you should be able to cover up most things with any decent corrective concealer.

"Camouflage makeup" instead of "disguise" might also help you find more relevant products.
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It's a 3d feature, a cluster of moles. So I think the skin patch would be needed realy unfortunately. Even then it won't look very good but it might fool a casual look.
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Locally we have a costume shop that sells that sells theatrical makup. You might want to do that search. I found this.
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Hi. I took a class from a make-up specialist who did make-up for one of the Godfather movies (a long time ago). I also used to be in the theater as an actress and took theater classes at Univ. of Maine at Orono. Here's what I would do:

Get some liquid latex. Barring that you're not allergic to it. You would need a theatrical or novelty shop, yes.

Cover your moles with the latex, brushing it on. Let dry. Cover with a heavy base make-up and feather the edges out to blend with the rest of your face. Let set and powder (pat on with a puff and then lightly brush).

You can also create some really neat effects, such as bullet-holes, with liquid latex:

- Brush on a circular patch, as close as you can get to a circle. If you are really bad with a brush, draw a giant circle of Vaseline around your area (say, your temple), and paint on the latex within that circle;
- Let dry, then carefully peel back the top portion;
- Using a dropper, fill the "pouch" with a mixture of corn syrup and red food coloring - you have to experiment, because real blood isn't quite as red as red food coloring, so maybe a drop of blue or green, you can use shot glasses to mix it up so you're not going to have a lot of leftover blood, although personally, I think it would be kind of neat to offer shotglasses full of blood to your guests when they come over if you're having a party sometime;
- Find a piece of fishline, the nylon kind;
- Put one end of the fishline in the top of your pouch (yes, some blood may spill out but that's okay);
- Holding the top of the blood pouch shut, with the fishline end in it, dangling to the side, glue it all back together using more liquid latex -- hold until dry;
- Run the fishline down the side of your head, and into your shirt/jacket, etc. so it comes out your sleeve;
- When you're ready to freak people out, say, "I've been shot!" or some similar line, ("I've got a wicked headache!") and YANK the fishline as hard as you can, jerking simultaneously from the imaginary bullet. This is how they did it in the old days in a lot of the movies, according to our guest teacher.

He said one day he spent hours doing a guy up and a woman said, "oh, you have a thread hanging from your sleeve," and she pulled it. The fishline was tied to multiple other fishlines, so that he could be shot with a machine gun or something. So multiple bullet holes got releases all at once and I think she freaked out a little. Back to the make-up room for several more hours, dude.

Anyway, that's what I would do. Just cover it with liquid latex and use any old base make-up, no need to buy special if you have access to street make-up, especially not for a one-off.

Good luck and post pics later if you can!

P.S. Get the latex remover if you can, it's totally worth it. And lots and lots of paper towels and damp rags, cover your sink with an old towel, etc. Cuz it's sticky and hard to get off. I would avoid the fake blood they sell in stores because it stains your skin for DAYS. Tally ho!
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Malabar is the best know theatrical supply shop in Ottawa. Take the advice above and try there? The site says they have latex makeup.
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Yes, you need liquid latex. You can get it clear or in various opaque colors, including pinkish beige (of course, I don't know what color your actual skin is, but do the best you can). Then cover it with ordinary concealer/foundation to match and blend. Be warned, though, that it's very adhesive and likes to stick to (and subsequently rip out) hairs.
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