How do I recreate these slipper biscuits?
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Last minute Mother's Day request: how can I make these biscuits/cookies, ready to be given to the recipients in about 18 hours?

I just found this photo. I would dearly love to give these to my mother and grandmother for Mother's Day, in addition to their gifts already purchased/made.

The only problem is that it's 5.40pm on Saturday in Australia, I don't have time to fart-arse around experimenting.

My gut instinct says a basic biscuit for the base (would you like some alliteration with that?), cover with coconut at the end, but how can I shape the toe bit? A thick gluggy icing/frosting? Marzipan? Does coconut stick to marzipan? If not, can I glaze it with something to make the coconut stick?

Tl; dr - I'm okay with making the biscuit base but what do I use to recreate the toe shape effectively, and to ensure the coconut sticks?
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Maybe a marshmallow with a a coating of thin icing/white chocolate dipped in coconut?
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Here's the recipe for those exact cookies.
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Often when you see a picture of food items on Pinterest, if you click on the photo, it will actually take you to the recipe: Click
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if you click on the photo, it will actually take you to the recipe

Huh. I learnded something.
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if you click on the photo, it will actually take you to the recipe

Heh, I found it by searching for "fuzzy slipper cookie recipe". It never occurred to me to click the picture.
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You could also go Iced Vovo: biscuit base, make the toe out of a marshmallow or a raspberry lolly, brush with melted jam or pink icing, sprinkle food-dyed coconut.
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Thanks, latch24 and obiwanwasabi, I followed your advice and they worked perfectly. I made an ordinary biscuit base, while they were cooking I made the toe shapes out of large marshmallows - cut in half and hollowed out (with my best tiny embroidery scissors, washed well beforehand!). I then made a bucketful of thin pink icing, dipped the toes into that and sprinkled them with coconut. I thickened the rest of the icing & spread it on the cooled bases, then stuck the toes onto them and sprinkled the whole thing with more coconut before they set.

They weren't quite as pretty as the ones in the photo, mainly because the bases spread into not-quite-recognisable-as-foot-shaped shapes, but they were damned close.
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Oh, and thanks for the official recipe, 6550 and Lynsey, but it was late Saturday afternoon and I didn't have time to source the ingredients, or our Australian equivalents.
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