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Fringe S04E22; William Bell's (Leonard Nimoy) jacket. Recommend anything similar that is purchasable online?

I've been using a dark grey rough-ish spun cotton dress shirt from Mantique as a light "jacket." It's far past falling apart and I look like I collect empty beverage containers for a living, yet I still keep wearing it.

Similar texture to the jacket that William Bell/Leonard Nimoy wore in the recent Fringe episode (poor vidcap) but much less shiny.

I'm looking for something like that (the piece worn by Nimoy) to use as a light late-spring/summer jacket (I think I like the shiny but can it be pulled off?). I really like how the collar and shoulder are cut, but would prefer straighter (less puffy) sleeves.

In general, is there a "type" or "style" or dress shirt that's ok to double as an outer layer for a tshirt or tank, for a guy?

Is there a term for that kind of clothing? Thickness like a winter dress shirt but cut like a sport coat/blazer/suit-top? (?) Is this an "ok" style or is it really tired already?
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Bonus: the sleeves can be rolled up.

(Please inform me if I'm inappropriately direly stuck in the '80s fashion wise.)
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Your link doesn't work.
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Some (not me, just looking out for my fellow Fringe Divisioners abroad) might consider the text above the jump spoilery.
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Here's a picture of the top part.
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Looks Nimoy's like a lightweight Nehru jacket to me. Not hard to find, but in Western fashion they're considered very dated, particularly the rough-spun texture you're looking for, so if that's a concern you might be better off looking for summerweight blazers/sportcoats -- think fabric types/weaves like cotton, seersucker, chambray, linen and the like. Pre-washed, unlined sports jackets are apparently becoming a thing and have that "put together but relaxed" look you seem to be going for, but may be hard to find at lower price points.
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Some (not me, just looking out for my fellow Fringe Divisioners abroad) might consider the text above the jump spoilery.

Yeah. Anyone who watches online with Fox or Hulu wouldn't have see E21 (when he first shows up after his death) until today.
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The AV Club review (with more spoilers) has a good, pretty full picture of the jacket.
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Having seen the full picture of the jacket, I have to agree with bettafish. The only people I've seen where those crinkly linenish unstructured jackets nowadays are older (and, usually, larger) ladies. (I have seen men wear denim shirt/jackets, but those might be too heavy). I think an unstructured blazer would be a more modern twist, and would still be pretty light to wear. (1, 2, 3 - pretty close to nimoy) You could even get a shiny one.
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Oh wow, Sorry Sorry Sorry about the spoiler. My bad. Poor form.

In retrospect, it wasn't unexepected/heavily-forshadowed (Christmas/News Years discrepancy from the last episode).

Thanks bettafish for the (search) terms (esp, summer weight unlined sport jacket), and bluefly. Almost everything I own is starting to fall apart; I still wear stuff I originally aquired 12 years ago. Need to start rebuilding a wardrobe. Not sure how how to dress myself post broke-geek-grad-student (hard bio science), in order to be post while still mostly broke.

Really worried about image for interviews for industry jobs.

Sorry again to, anyone who who happened on this thread or read the title. I'm an idiot/bastard/loser.
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