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More Music Like Dr. John

I've loved Dr. John for like 10 years, but I've never found any other New Orleans music that's as as complex and well orchestrated as his stuff. I particularly like the Night Tripper stuff and the early extremely raw singles. Can folks point me towards some other music like his that I like? I feel like he borrows from a ton of other stuff, but I just don't know where to get started. I love how big his catalogue is, and how his delivery is so odd and off sometimes, but manages to stay with the music.

Here's another question: Does he get more press, etc. because he's white, or is he a uniquely talented dude within the genre.
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Dr. John appears on the Dirty Dozen Brass Band's album Voodoo, a longstanding favorite of mine.
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Check out The Meters.
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Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom.
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Allen Touissant

James Booker

Professor Longhair

Professor Longhair was the originator. Touissant the popularizer. To be honest there isn't anybody who is really like Doctor John.
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NOTHING is really "like" the night tripper era Dr. John.
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Joe Krown is another great New Orleans keyboardist in the Professor Longhair tradition that you might enjoy checking out, but I agree with bukvich that no one is like Dr. John.

Dr. John doesn't get the press just because he's white. I know what you mean, but that's not the case with him. There is no one else in New Orleans doing what he did/does.

FYI he did a great set at Jazz Fest last weekend sitting in with Warren Haynes, Ivan Neville, some horn players from Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and others. Worth a watch if you have time for the very moving tributes to Levon Helm.
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nthing Longhair.

Checking out the brass band stuff, like starting with Dirty Dozen as cited above, might also be worthwhile.

Flipping the spec, if it's less the New Orleans music and more the freaky genius with a piano, one surely hopes you are familiar with Tom Waits.
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I really dig Galactic, a New Orleans band that's gravitated from Meters-style funk to collaborations with all sorts of artists. It's not Night Tripper-ish, but their latest album, Carnivale Electricos, is all about Mardi Gras and would be a fine place to start. If you like them, there's a lot more to explore.

(My favourite single track by Galactic is probably "Gossip," live on The Other Side of Midnight. Most bands would be happy to close a concert with a performance like that, but for them it's the opener.)
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