Brewer seeks microbes
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Methanosaeta Concilli, Firmicutes, g-Proteobacteria and d-Proteobacteria... where can I get some?

I brew beer and sake. At the homebrew level the spent grain and other waste products can go out with the trash or down the drain... but I want to scale up in a responsible way. Also, I like building things.

I would like to build an anaerobic bio-reactor and waste-water recovery system, homebrew scale. I've been reading up on upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactors, expanded granular sludge bed reactors, upflow anaerobic filters, upflow fluidized bed reactors, etc. and I have the skills to put together a gizmo but I don't know how to get the bio that goes in it.

I could just go down to a pig farm and scoop up some effluent, but that seems so... uncontrolled. Also, I don't know any pig farmers.
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Can you clarify your end goal here: generating energy, useful byproducts?

FWIW I always compost my spent grain from homebrewing which eventually winds up in our vegetable garden, and the chilling water will often go into a rain barrel for later watering of the garden.

Anyway, if you really want, I suspect the ATCC will sell you cultures.
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Response by poster: My primary goal is a reduction of BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) in the brewery waste so I don't place so much of a burden on the municipal system. Secondarily I'd like to make some bio-gas to offset the cost of heating the mash if that turns out to be practical. Thank you for the link to the ATCC!
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