Where to look for electrical engineering jobs?
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Electrical Engineering Jobs. My wife, who has a master's degree in electrical engineering, has recently moved to the US and is looking for a job in high tech, specifically, doing circuit design or FPGA. What are the best places on the web to look for listings of such jobs? If it matters, we're in Colorado.

Through googling, we found engineerjobs.com and eeweb.com. We are also aware of LinkedIn as potential source of jobs. Is there anyplace else we should look? Any other advice about finding electrical engineering jobs would be appreciated.
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I think indeed.com specializes in tech jobs.
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Dice.com also specializes in tech jobs. Northrop Grumman and Atmel show up in their listings.
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Best answer: Having done the engineer job search not too long ago, I have some tips.

In order of usefulness in actually getting a job:

1) Make friends in the industry. Set up informational interviews as much as possible.
2) Every time you hear about a company that may vaguely do what you want to do, go to their main website and look for a career section. If nothing fits, try to set up informational interviews.
3) Collect the names of companies. How do you do this? coroflot.com, glassdoor.com, linkedin.com, and even Google maps.
4) Craigslist.
5) Local university's career listings. Since you're in Colorado, check out the University of Colorado's job boards.

Don't even bother with monster, indeed, or dice. I never had any responses from those postings.

And check this out: How to write a cover letter

It seriously works, my response rate went from 1:40 to 5:10 by the end of my job hunt. (It was combination of simplifying my cover letter and applying only to jobs I really wanted.)
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I found my current (tech management) job through indeed.com.
I also found opportunities through perusing company sites in my area and looking in their "career" or "jobs" section.
I found a couple of opportunities through my linked in contacts list.
If you are in Fort Collins, Colorado, check out Colorado State university's career listings also.
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Best answer: http://engineeringcareers.eetimes.com/
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LinkedIn is crawling with tech recruiters.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!
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