Dog breed mix mystery
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What breed(s) do you think my dog is? Some photos: Cricket too cool for school Laying Cricket and Giant knitting She is: 30-40lbs Smallish. Tan and white with ticking on all four paws and black tips on the fur on her back Bright green eyes Wrinkly forehead Reddish brown nose and nails I am told her siblings has some longer hair Loves to: Run, herding (sort of) has some cat like tendencies, does not bark much, has a weird little "woof" sort of squeaks when she gets excited. hops and pounces a lot cuddles alot

I know I can get "genetic" tests.
and it does not really matter what breed she is, but its fun to speculate
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Weird woof and the furrowed brow make me think part Basenji, though the face isn't quite right, and they often have the CUTEST curly tails.
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Mini Aussie shepherd x lab would be my guess.
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Yeah I second Admiral with the Basenji. I have a Basenji mix, and the markings are very similar, and the wrinkly forehead is a definite indicator, one that first made me realize that is what our dog was mixed with. One of the big things that we noticed with our dog that was a Basenji thing was that her actual skin under her fur was speckled (specifically on her chest, paws, and belly). The ears look like they want to be basenji pointy, but whatever else she is mixed with is keeping them floppy. Plus she has the square-ish jaw that people seem to want to confuse with pit bull (I know because people ALWAYS say our girl is part pit bull, but she isn't) And of course the barking is a give away. Ours barks still, but she also barroos when she is excited.
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Basenji has greater odds of being an 'ingredient' depending on where you live. I saw some very obscure breeds running stray or in shelters when we lived in LA, for instance. But here in central MA, a basenji mix wouldn't be on the radar any more than a unicorn-Bigfoot would.
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I see beagle or some kind of hound in there, possibly crossed with an Australian Cattle Dog to explain the ticking. But like Lou Stuells says above, a lot will depend on where she came from. There are tons of hounds and hound crosses in shelters in the Midwest.
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For reference here is a picture of our Basenji mix Agatha, I think that whatever else she was mixed with must have been one of those brown street dog. Ha.
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I immediately thought "Basenji mix" also.
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FYI sibling traits could be from other fathers' genetics, as dogs can have litters that have multiple fathers.
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Cricket is really cute! You might be interestd this article (PDF) (which ran in Best Friends magazine) about studies comparing how people visually label mixed-breed dogs to DNA testing. Summary: "It’s impossible to breed-label dogs of unknown history and genetics solely on the basis of their appearance." But maybe you don't really care? It is fun to speculate.
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It is so fun to guess, isn't it! Looks to me like a shepherd / spaniel mix.
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FWIW, I've heard that the home testing kits, while generally accurate for purebreds or almost-purebreds, are complete rubbish for true mixed breeds. (As in, they just can't determine the genetic makeup, and the results they spit out are basically random and meaningless.) Gorgeous dog, BTW!!
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She is so, so cute, and the fact that she doesn't bark much and has a weird woof, together with her general appearance, makes me think Basenji too.
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Piling on the Basenji bandwagon. Cute pup!
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I have one data point to support desoeuvree about the genetic tests, I know of one that was way off.

I don't know if I agree with the growing consensus so far. Especially if she is a rescue dog, there are many reasons she might not bark much. Also, Basenjis are not the most common dogs depending on where you live.
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Response by poster: I live in the Midwest. But her papers from the rescue I got her from say she came from Oklahoma.

My guess was Basenji Cattle Dog or Red heeler

Her ears stood straight up when I got her, they've flopped down as shes grow but they do still stand up some times.
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That ticking colour is also called merle, which may help you search.
Aussie Shepherd, Lab, Beagle all came to mind for me.
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Is there any proof that those "genetic tests" are anything more than 100% pure snake oil? It wasn't that long ago (5 years?) that we couldn't even distinguish between wolf and domesticated dog DNA. To actually have identifiers for the minute differences between dog breeds, when none such is possible for (for instance) human races, is - unlikely, to me.
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