Cause of thyroiditis?
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Can you guys give me any idea of what could be causing my thyroiditis?

* 27 Male, no major health issues
* 165lbs (always thin)
* low blood pressure
* always have been very tense and unable to relax
* HRV (heart rate variability) tests through my iphone always show I am under extreme stress (just throwing this in since I feel its relevant)

* history of persistant general anxiety for a long time but meds have never really helped and neither has CBT.
* taken zoloft, celexa, and effexor(current) but never any real benefit in my opinion
* also diagnosed inattentive ADHD and on adderall - I always felt overwhelmed and got tired very quick before

Thyroid info

2009 - Bloodwork
TSH - .20 (.27 to 4.20)
T3 Free - 24.4 (2.3 to 4.2)
T4 Free - 2.0 (0.9 to 1.8)

2009 - RAIU (Iodine uptake)
4 hour test - 5% (5%-15%)
24 hour test - 28% (15%-30%)
Negative for nodules

2011 - Bloodwork
TSH - .80 (.34 to 4.70)

2012 (Mar) - Bloodwork
TSH - .02 (.34 to 4.70)

2012 (Apr) - RAIU (Iodine uptake)
4 hour test - 3.7% (5%-15%)
24 hour test - 5% (15% - 30%)
Negative for nodules

2012 (May) - Endocrinologist
Thyroiditis diagnosed (just a plug to describe the symptoms)
Prescribed 12 day Prednisone regimen and Beta Blocker

2012 (May) - Bloodwork (after Prednisone treatment)
TSH - .01
T3 Free - 3.9 (Over upper range)
T4 Free - 1.9 (Over upper range)
This was given over the phone so I am not sure of the scale but it is probably similar to the 2009 scales

I didn't have any antibodies so the Endo said it wasn't Hashimotos and based on my RAIU results it wasn't Graves.

It isn't painful or tender as far as I am concerned.

My next Endo appointment is in July and I am kind of concerned about what is causing this.


It seems like an infection causes thyroiditis but that would mean I would have had an infection for over 3 years with no other problems than thyroiditis?

Any ideas? (I assume you are not a doctor so no disclaimer please)
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How's your diet? Caffeine intake?
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Subacute lymphocytic thyroiditis, also known as "silent thyroiditis", seems like it could be a possibility.

No one knows what causes it but it sounds like it's probably autoimmune. It is typically short term, maybe 1 year in duration so yours would be lasting longer than usual.

I don't think this is infectious thyroiditis. That is an acute, painful condition, and you have a chronic, painless condition.

IANYD/not an endocrinologist.
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