Hey look a Champion Tee with a Creeper face on it...
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Is there any gear out there for Nerds/Geeks/Gamers/Etc who run/cycle/enjoy fitness?

Ok, so now I'm totally into running and fitness and the myriad gear and apparel and such that goes along with it. I am seeking to marry that to my love of all things nerdy/geeky/etc, but am having a lot of trouble tracking down stores that offer such items.

I am NOT interested in Zazzle/CustomInk/etc type places that will plop a picture of a Stormtrooper or Cylon or something onto a dri-fit tee for $30. I noticed recently that Lucasfilm is offering some Star Wars Baseball/Basketball jerseys, which are not likely to be very practical for actual fitness activities.

I've found that searching for any combination of "running" + "nerd" or "geek" just returns results for people that are nerdy about running itself, which is still cool with me but not the specific thing I am looking for.
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I can find no such website or company anywhere. I'm not surprised -- exercise and being a huge dork don't usually go hand-in-hand.

Why don't you just buy some geeky tshirts to workout in? That's probably the best you will do. Sure, they won't wick away sweat like those new fangled exercise shirts, but you'll get to express your inner geek. After all, people got intense exercise for thousands of years without needing one of those wicking shirts.

OR you could just wear whatever is practical and useful and not focus on labeling yourself
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Perhaps look for lines that theme urban/techy/futurism rather than nerd/gamer?
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Seconding Zombies, Run! because it is awesome. Also, you might be interested in Fitocracy, a workout tracking site with game-inspired systems (quests, achievements, etc.) There's a metafilter group on there somewhere.
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Response by poster: Um... wow. I guess I need to qualify this with a "why."

I've caught the bug and look forward to running some races in the future. I've done some water stops and watched a few races recently, and one of the fun things is seeing the different team/group shirts that people wear. I thought maybe having a fun Star Wars/Minecraft/Linux joke might get a rise out of people along the route.

I already have some practical, useful gear - I guess I was just looking to have some fun with it. I could accomplish this with a regular, cotton t-shirt, but in the hot and humid southern US, I'm not really looking forward to sweating and chafing my ass off just so I can have a cute shirt.

I love Fitocracy but I'm waiting for a native Android app to be released, as the new layout was really broken on my phone.
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Best answer: I've seen people in geeky bike jerseys like Reddit, Linux, Oracle, etc. Google shows a lot of hits for those. Honestly googling lots of stuff comes up with plenty of hits (like star wars or zombies)
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Response by poster: I didn't think of bike jerseys... dang it.
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I occasionally wear a cycling jersey running, actually. Usually a looser fitting one. Non-zippered jerseys don't look that different from running shirts except for the back pockets and the fit is usually tighter.

Here's a zombie-themed technical shirt (it's for a specific run)
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Foska.com sells some great non-traditional cycling gear, especially for Anglophiles.
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Get a geek shirt that you dont mind mutilating and cut the logo into a panel you can sew onto a dry fit shirt. I can picture a shirt with all sorts of patches sewn onto it as elevating the geek/nerd factor well beyond just a common tee with something screen printed on it. Wont wick sweat as well but so what? Or cut up that nerd tee and wear it as a head band or dew rag.
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Best answer: Damn! I just remembered. I once made my own fitness type shirt using that inkjet iron on transfer paper you can get. It was a vintage miltitary photo of a soldier in a gas mask and radiation suit riding a bike that I put on a cotton/poly hiking tee to wear when I went mountain biking. I would get tons of comments and compliments on that shirt. If youve never made your own tees like this you should try it. Very easy to do. Just print it up and iron it on. Plus you can get exactly what you want anywhere on the shirt you like it.
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Have you checked out NerdFitness.com?
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