The legend of Herkimer Diamonds
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I'm looking for information on the supposed metaphysical bond created between two people wearing Herkimer Diamond gemstones.

Suspension of disbelief: I am attempting to find the most detailed description that exists of this link created between two people wearing Herkimer Diamonds across long (or however long) distances - why it works, how it works (do the two stones need to be linked together somehow first?), what it accomplishes (details of this "link), example stories, etc. Looking for the original mythology behind this legend as well.
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Crystal healing is not a thing. It doesn't work or accomplish anything beyond the placebo effect.

Here are some folks who claim that "Herkimer Diamonds are called 'attunement stones' and are useful in attuning you with others, your surroundings, or new energies." This bit of Reiki lore (pdf) offers a bit of explanation on the alleged "attunement" properties.
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Response by poster: Not really saying it's a thing. Sort of like asking about the details of Greek Mythology - I want to know what the lore is - not whether it's legit.
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Page 143 of this book talks about what you mention, but there's not much detail.
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