Relationship Radio Silence
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Am I over-reacting? A 4-month relationship followed by 10 days of radio silence. Of course snowflake, etc.

I'm in an open marriage, and so is my boyfriend. We've been seeing each other for 4 months and have declared love. We email every day and see each other 4x/week. He had told me in the lead up to a vacation he was taking with his wife that he would miss me terribly and would text and email.

Two weeks ago we had a misunderstanding about his vacation in which he felt I was "inserting myself into his marriage"--I wasn't, AT ALL. The idea of that creeps me out kind of a lot. We talked through that and he understood that that was not my intention.

The day before he left for vacation, he emailed and said I should feel free to email him while he was on vacation. I wrote back and said in light of the misunderstanding, I didn't really feel free to do that at all, and most likely wouldn't. He left and I haven't heard from him in 9 days. Am I wrong to be upset about not hearing from him? I mean, I know my feelings are my feelings and I'm entitled to them etc, but is it rude to not have contacted me, or should I maybe have expected as much when I said I didn't feel comfortable writing to him?
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Wait till he gets back from vacation.
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Wait so he said you should email him, you told him you wouldn't, and he hasn't emailed you? It sounds like he's trying to give you the distance that you essentially asked for!
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You said that you didn't want to contact him. If someone said they didn't want to contact me for the duration of a vacation, I daresay I wouldn't contact them either.
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Considering what happened/what you said before he left, he probably thinks that initiating contact will re-light whatever misunderstanding is going on here, and who would want to do that while on vacation, and especially over email?
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if you expect him to email you after you said you wouldn't email him because it makes you uncomfortable, you're being kind of passive aggressive and expecting him to be a mind reader. i think he's doing what you asked him to do. i also think it's ok if after a tiff involving boundaries he maintains radio silence while on vacation with his wife.

once he's back in town, sit down with each other in person and say what you really feel and ask him what he really feels. this isn't the sort of thing that is likely to be fixed over email or texts.
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is it rude to not have contacted me

Not under the circumstances.

should I maybe have expected as much when I said I didn't feel comfortable writing to him?


You didn't just say you didn't feel comfortable writing. You also said you most likely wouldn't. That's a pretty clear statement. Unless you also said to him, "I'm not going to contact you, but you should contact me," you're expecting him to not only read your mind but to do more or less the opposite of what your stated expectations would indicate.
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Oh, one other question - has he been on vacation all nine days? In other words, how long was/is the vacation?
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should I maybe have expected as much when I said I didn't feel comfortable writing to him?

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I last heard from him a week ago Wednesday; he left last Thursday, and returns tomorrow (Sat).

Thanks to everyone so far-- I enormously appreciate the perspective. And I'm kind of happy to be wrong.
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give him until monday and then you ask him out. you were the last one to close off conversation so it's your job to open it.
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If you see him 4 times a week his wife might be feeling a bit neglected and/or they could be using this vacation to reconnect one-on-one while they have free time.

I don't think it's rude to focus on the person you're with instead of emailing and texting someone you already spend quite a bit of time with.

I know you're thinking about yourself here, which is totally okay, but it's good to demonstrate understanding and respect towards their marriage. I wouldn't make an issue of this at all if I were you.
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For context: what was the misunderstanding about the vacation? Why did he feel you were inserting yourself in their marriage?
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Did you ever hear back from him? How have things been?
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