GF and DF Delayed Serving Breakfast Items?
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Gluten-free and dairy-free breakfast option I can bring for breakfast potluck? Needs to be quick prep and either good cold or microwave-reheatable. Sweet or savory ideas welcome.

I'm doing a breakfast thing for work and have the rest of it figured out (doughnuts for the sweet lovers, vegetarian "pigs"-in-a-blanket with mustard & honey dips for the savory fans), but I don't have anything immediately workable for the co-worker who can't have gluten or dairy.

I'd originally thought of just doing a bacon and egg cup, but I wasn't sure if those would be good after hanging out for at least 30min and potentially needing to be heated up again in the microwave.

The thing about quick prep is important but a little flexible - I have limited time in the evenings and can't do much in the morning, but could do 30min (loud, complex) prep in the evening with another 30min of (quiet, easy) work in the a.m., if the idea seems worth it.
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I would eat egg cups that were at room temp.
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Egg cups at room temp are delicious. Possibly supplement with fruit salad? A lot of people enjoy fruit salad during breakfast or brunch, not just dairy & gluten free eaters.
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I have some nice gf muffins with minimal butter (which can be replaced by margarine or whatever), which my aunt says are excellent. (They use almond flour, not weird mixes of flours.)

Otherwise, I'd also vote for fruit salad.
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Thanks for the egg-cup endorsements!

We have a permanent fruit bowl, and I want something that satisfies the prepared-food craving that is rarely met for this co-worker when we do potlucks.
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Rice pudding made with vanilla-flavored almond/soy/etc milk.
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I'm sure your co-worker will appreciate it! Another one you could do is hash browns / home fries with eggs.

One word of caution, though, if your co-worker is super strict on being gluten free, take the initiative and make sure (s)he goes through the line first. Both myself and another coworker are strict gluten free eaters and cross contamination is a major issue for potlucks. We generally don't eat at any potluck/cookout events put on by the company as after spoons get passed around and bread crumbs drop from plates, it's not safe for us.
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A sweet potato hash would warm up well in the microwave. Here is one recipe, although I'd replace the ground beef with sausage*, and perhaps add some spinach. Do you know if the coworker has celiac/crohns or another disease? Or are they following a gluten/dairy free diet? As skittlekicks mentioned, if it is the former, you may need to be very careful while preparing the dishes at home for the same reason.

If you have the materials on hand (margarine or coconut oil, dates, and almond meal), these brownies might be a nice treat. One of the side effects of eating gluten free is that you almost never get to eat sweet treats at work.

*double check to make sure the sausage doesn't contain bread crumbs
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Are all the savory fans vegetarian? If not, I'd guess that 99% of meat eaters would prefer an egg/bacon cup to fake meat.
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The meat-eating savories love new veg discoveries and have expressed explicit interest in this recipe, which is great, since another item would break the bank & my available time.
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I've been eating a ton of chia pudding recently, the recipe for which I stole from GOOP and then adapted. Here it is, and you can scale it easily. It also travels well.

1/4 c. chia seeds
1/2-3/4 c. almond milk (sweetened or unsweetened) [Pudding will set firmer with less liquid]
1-2 t. sugar (or sweetener to taste)
1-2 T. coconut cream

Mix the chia seeds with the almond milk and sugar and stir until all seeds are thoroughly wet and no clumps remain in the liquid. Place in refrigerator for 15-20 minutes. When you are ready to serve, top the pudding with the coconut cream.

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Scotch Eggs?

I'd buy pre-made hard boiled eggs to make this go a lot faster.
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seconding bacon/egg cups as well as sweet potato hash!
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Moosewood's Sweet potato and black bean burritos with homemade guacamole on the side! Just be sure to use GF tortillas.
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I like some carbs, protein, and maybe some fruit/veg. at breakfast. Make some rice. Get out a muffin tin, oil it. Put in a layer of rice. Put in an egg. Bake. Serve with salsa. (the egg white should get down into the rice and hold it together reasonably well)

You can dress it up by frying the rice with ham, bacon, green onions, soy sauce, whatever you think would be tasty in fried rice. Or, you can use leftover risotto. You can top some with cheese for the dairy eaters. Or with jalapenos, herbs, bacon, whatever seems tasty. You can top it with a slice of tomato, and turn on the broiler long enough to get the top of the tomato grilled. Or slice up avocados to top them with when you serve them.

Look for a box that will hold your muffin tin. Put in packing material - bubble wrap, or maybe some scraps of fleece. An old winter scarf is good. Put the warm muffin tin in the box, cover with a paper towel or waxed paper, the top with more bubble wrap, close up the box, and it will stay pretty warm.
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These gluten free breakfast bars are to die for.
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I would definitely recommend some sort of hash; just make it with margarine instead of butter. You could keep it warm in a crock pot. If you did a vegetable hash, you could have some bacon crumbles and some shredded cheese on the side to give people options.
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Fruit salad is naturally gluten free and dairy free
Chebe's makes a cheesy bread mix that's GF and dairy free. Very yummy, too.

If you buy some Pamela's baking mix, you can make pretty great waffles.
Bob's red mill makes lots of GF baking mixes: brownies, raisin bread.
Home fries are great room temp.
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You should google around on some of the paleo cooking websites. I'm highly allergic to wheat, and they always do me right when I have a hankering for a traditional breakfast food. In particular, pancakes. I found a super simple recipe: 3 eggs, one cup almond flour/meal, mix until batter forms; fry. Add vanilla extract if you are so inclined.
They're a little denser than wheat ones, but they hit that "pancake" button a lot harder than a lot of premade GF mixes.

And while I love me a good fruit salad, I'd maybe not do that. As a non-meat-eating person with food allergies, a fruit/vegetable salad/platter is frequently my only option when eating away from home, and it can be a bit of a bummer to realize that I'm stuck with salad, AGAIN.
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Tortilla de patatas.
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I'll be making this meal within the next 2 weeks, and egg & bacon cups win their spot on the table thanks to the testimonies here!

We eat a LOT of breakfast tacos, to the point that we have a go-to joint that has stuff the GF/DF teammate can eat, so anything long those lines is kind of a yawn for her. She's on a low-carb thing now, which rules out a lot of otherwise interesting suggestions. Already mentioned the fruit availability thing. And she definitely gets plenty of sweets around here.

SO! Egg & bacon cups it is - I was mostly nervous they would be gross after sitting a bit. Thanks, y'all!
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