Thin sleeping bag
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I want a sleeping bag that is super thin (no thicker than a sheet) and weighs almost nothing. Like item #4 in this picture.

I need a sleeping bag. Its only purpose would be to create a layer between me and guest bedding at others' homes/cabins, and so the main thing is that it has to be light and extremely tiny when rolled up. Comfy, breathable material like cotton or wool is a big plus. And I need to be able to find it (or order it) in Toronto.

Any recommendations?
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Amazon has a bunch of silk and cotton sleeping bag liners; if you don't want to order online, travel stores often carry them.
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Such things are typically called sleep sacks. I bought a silk one on ebay for around $30 and it has been great. It stuffs down much smaller than a cotton sheet and is fairly light.
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I think what you're looking for is often called a sleeping bag liner and MEC sells a few of them. You can probably find them cheaper elsewhere.
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The Dreamie (it's not on
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The Dreamsack is available on (and probably elsewhere).
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You want a sleep sack. They're a common item for hostel-traveling backpackers.

I made my own. I bought a top sheet (light cotton), folded it in half widthwise, sewed up the bottom and 2/3 the way up the side. Voila: sleep sack. Cost me about $5 for the sheet and 1/2 an hour of sewing time.
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MEC or Europe Bound on King St. (at Peter) should have what you need. I've got a silk sleep sack that stuffs into a sack about the size of an pear.
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You can easily make one of your own by taking a king or queen size flat sheet, folding it in half (the long way) and hemming the bottom and unfolded side.
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I own this one and I love it. It's exactly what you want.
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Sea to Summit has a variety made of cotton or silk. Cocoon makes some out of silk and some out of this material that's a lot like CoolMax (breathable wicking synthetic).
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what backwards guitar said...

I have the MEC silk bag and it is *awesome*. has its own little pouch and is so small i travel with it everywhere (backpacking, india, etc.).
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If you take an existing sheet to a drycleaner that does alterations, they'd probably sew you one of these for less than $20.
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One consideration if you're buying a sleep sac - think about where you will be using it. If you are at all concerned about bed bugs, you may be better off with a polyester or cotton sac. The silk ones can't be washed in hot water.
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Just weighing in again, to say I've done the "make my own sheet" thing and buying a silk sheet. Silk sheet is way smaller and well worth the money.
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Late to the party but I made my own sleep sack from x yards of silk from Dharma Trading (I forget how many yards and the type of silk but I know it was heavier/better quality than the Dreamsacks). The next year I ripped the seam open because it was too confining and kept getting twisted and now I use it as a folded-over sheet.

Before that I carried a flat cotton sheet and slept with it folded over. It was fine except it was much heavier and took up much more room than the silk one.

My point is, you don't necessarily have to sew it up into a sac. Even using velcro tabs bugged me because they always ended up as lumps underneath me.
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