Help me smooth out these hat wrinkles
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Is there a way to restore this hats' brim to it's original smoothness? It's a Dorfman Pacific cotton canvas hat that I really like. I had to wash it and now the brim is all wrinkly.

The top is remarkably smooth but the brim looks rougher than I'd like for uptown wear. The photo makes it look smoother than it is. I tried ironing one small area to see if ironing would work but it didn't

Photo of wrinkly brimmed hat

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Most home irons are not up to the task of steaming and pressing a good cotton canvas fabric needs. Take it to a good drycleaners and ask them to steam and press. Sometimes tho' there is shrinkage in either the threads, the interfacing used in the brim or fabric and no amount of pressing/steaming will smooth it out. Good luck!
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