Jumping through hoops for Spotify.
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If I leave my computer for several hours, or it goes into hibernation mode, my audio programs Spotify and/or Media Monkey become weirdly unable to play audio tracks. What gives? Windows XP

With Media Monkey, it appears to search through my archive and can't find any of the tracks I was playing, or any other tracks (it shows them in the library, but appears to not be able to find them on the hard drive). If I close Media Monkey, everything starts back to normal.

With Spotify, it just won't budge. If I click on a track, whether my local library, or a streaming track, nothing happens. I'm still able to search for things but I can't click on a track. If I shut Spotify and restart it, it still doesn't work. If I restart the computer it works fine.

All my music is on a separate internal hard drive on my desktop. Running Windows XP. Computer functions really well otherwise (knock on wood).

Any thoughts?
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I just noticed that if I go into the task manager and kill the Spotify process, I'm good to go.
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Those sound like the programs get into a bad state when the computer hibernates. Since hibernating is a valid function of the operating system I think you can chalk this up as a bug and you should report it as such to Spotify and Media Monkey. XP is old enough that they may not have done testing w.r.t. how their product functions after hibernating.
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You can identify the drivers or services, and either manually stop & restart them or write a batch file to run. I've never had a good experience with hibernation, so I only use 'sleep.'
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