Where should we eat in Jackson, MS?
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Where should we eat in Jackson/Bolton Mississippi?

We are going to a wedding in Bolton MS and flying into Jackson around dinner time a few days prior. Where should we eat? Locally-owned is very important, and of course is the quality of food. I'm a breakfast nut, so suggestions for both breakfast joints and dinner places would be great. Same with taco shacks and the like for mid-day snacks. We're from Oregon so regional food would be ideal but we both really do like central/south american slash mexican food too.
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Response by poster: I've seen this ask.mefi question here already. Just looking for a few more options. Oh yeah, I'm a bit of a beer snob and would love suggestions for good places to get good local microbrews and she's a bit of a cocktail snob and would love ideas on places for really good cocktails made with fresh ingredients.
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The only local brewery in MS I know of is Lazy Magnolia. I always get some of the Southern Pecan when I'm visiting. Hopefully someone who is more familiar with the area will be along shortly to tell you which places serve it; the only one I know for sure is Soulshine Pizza - looks like they have a location in Flowood, so pretty near the airport I should think. Come to think of it, I guess you'd also be interested in Abita beer; that's a Louisiana brewery. They have some good brews too. I don't know anywhere that carries it on tap, but you should be able to find bottled at least.

For "regional" food, I can make two recommendations in the Ridgeland area (not because there aren't options elsewhere, but because that's where I have family). That's a bit out of your way (north of Jackson), and god knows there's not much other reason to head up there, but I can vouch for the food:
1) Cock of the Walk has all-you-can-eat catfish and hushpuppies, and it's probably the second best I've ever had, which is pretty darn good. It's right on the north side of the reservoir, so a bit closer in to Jackson. Looks like according to the site, they sell beer now - they didn't last time I was there, so I don't know the selection.
2) Mama Hamil's has pretty much all the things you associate with southern home cooking (collard greens, cornbread, fried chicken, hushpuppies, banana pudding...hm, well, I don't honestly know if that last is considered southern, but it's good eatin' anyway) on a convenient HUGE buffet. They only open 5-8pm on Fri and Sat, so it may not work with your schedule. Also, no hard drinks.
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What you want to do in Jackson is drive around in the neighborhood areas generally to the Southwest of the present State Capitol building (not to be confused with the Old Capitol Museum). Drive slowly and look for a back window of a house with a board nailed to it. Look at the lawn. Is is traffic worn? If so this is a good place. Sometimes there are further clues such as a rough shed roof or a soda machine plugged into an extension cord running out of the window, these are the upscale versions. If the light is on and/or the window is cracked open you walk up, lightly knock, and ask if they have any red beans, tamales, or chicken tonight. Also you might inquire about "sides". These will be of the "soul food" pantheon, e.g., greens (collard, turnip, mustard, or mixed usually - no kale), cornbread, green beans... There are no vegetarian options or "menu" items. This will be a cash only transaction. Bring a roll of paper towels and a six pack.

Also, for a low price, divey, sit down (on a bar stool) meal, order a "fried plate" (fried pickles, cheese, mushrooms, potatoes, chicken and onions in one basket!) at the Cherokee or an "Inez Burger" at C.S.'s.
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I actually don't know what restaurants in Jackson are best for traditional Southern fare. My experience along those lines is more in the realm of church suppers and dinner at my relatives' homes. However, I can recommend Keifer's (Greek and Greek-ish fare, local establishment), Aladdin (surprisingly good Middle Eastern), High Noon Cafe (vegetarian, inside local food coop, I think lunch only), and the Palette Cafe at the MS Museum of Art (also lunch only).

I also second the suggestion of Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan, but unfortunately I also have no idea who serves it in Jackson.

I do not recommend doing what 10th Regiment suggests!
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