Win7 Workstation as Selective Gateway
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Can you advise how I can configure my Win7 workstation as a gateway for selected traffic?

I have a Windows 7 (x64) workstation that I'm using for backups. The computer has 5 NICs (one on the mobo and four on a PCI-Express adapter).

My backup destination is a ReadyNAS Pro 6 configured as an iSCSI target. Both NICs are the ReadyNAS are plugged directly into two NICs on the workstation's PCI-Express adapter.

This setup works perfect for backups, but in it's current configuration, the ReadyNAS has no internet access (needed for disk-fail notifications).

My instinct is to configure the Win7 workstation as the ReadyNAS's gateway, but I don't really know how to accomplish that. I mean, I can easily point the ReadyNAS at the workstation, but then what? Do I need to have some router software on the workstation that can monitor traffic on those two NICs and direct traffic accordingly?

I tried Internet Connection Sharing, but that didn't work too great as it changed the default address of the workstation. It's the right idea, but affects every connection on the box, which is not desirable.

Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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