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Selling a car on craigslist -- are there any drawbacks to including the VIN in the ad?
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Is there any advantage to including the VIN?
I wouldn't do it.
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I can think of two advantages: it allows buyers to run a CarFax report (even though they're mostly useless) and it allows buyers to start the financing paperwork at their bank.
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Some dealerships around here do this. The advantage is that it lets people run the carfax and other checks. I suppose it also offers security that the car in the ad is the one they look at.

It doesn't seem like there is anything wrong with it. They need the title to do anything real anyway.
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Best answer: VINs are visible from the street. I'd think if there was some criminal mischief that could be done we'd her about it more right?
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No, there are no real drawbacks, but I wouldn't do it.

If you look at dealer print ads where they advertise some kind of stunning low price, they will often say "one at this price" and include a VIN number to indicate which one, specifically. This is to avoid a claim of bait-and-switch tactics. "Yes, we said there was one at that price, and it's been sold, and here's the paperwork of the sale to prove it, with the VIN number we referenced."
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The bit about VINs being visible from the street confuses me. Is there some way of getting VINs that I'm not aware of?
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Mine's on my dashboard in the windshield in the corner on the driver's side.

The metermaids even use it on my parking tickets sometimes.
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Response by poster: Mine's on my dashboard in the windshield in the corner on the driver's side.

True for all cars.
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wutangclan: "True for all cars."

… in the US, built since 1968. Rest of the world varies; Germany, for instance, doesn't mandate it.
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