Customizable/Universal Tracking App?
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I would like to use a single smartphone app to track a customizable set of personal attributes and/or behaviors. For instance, I would like to track my daily weight, peak flows, alcoholic beverages consumed, run distances, and hours slept. I would like to do this with a single app, and not an app for each attribute/behavior being tracked.

I have looked for such an app since buying an iPhone 2.5 years ago, and have never found a customizable tracking app. I have of course played with multiple apps that each track a single trackable attribute, but this is a clumsy way to look for correlations between, for instance, hours slept and drinks consumed over time. If no such app exists, what's the best way to learn how to write it myself?
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Give Trakr a look. You can measure and/or track pretty much anything you can think of.
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I've never used it, but The Carrot has an app. You can also log things via their website.
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You want Daytum
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Or maybe DidThis is for you.
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Check out Fitbit. I don't think you need a Fitbit device to use this app, but it does a lot of what you want to track (activity level during the day, hours slept, basic pedometer tracking). The online site will let you enter more details, but the mobile app limits you to tracking: activities, food, water and weight.
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I don't know if this is kosher, but... any Droid recommendations for same?
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MoodTracker lets you track these things
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I have a Fitbit and although I like it, it (and the website) aren't nearly detailed or flexible enough for what the OP is looking for.

No specific suggestions, but have you looked at the Quantified Self site?
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There's also Daily Tracker.
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Seconding daily tracker. The problem for has been consistent usage, but the application works well (builds graphs and such).
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For Android, check out keeptrack, its a very versatile app with bonus graphing capabilities which can help identify correlations between 'trackers', i.e. caffiene drunk vs mood
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