What's the best way to deal with Outbrain links in Firefox?
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Is there a Firefox extension or something that will change Outbrain links into the regular links they appear to be when you first mouse over them?

I've got something (Adblock Plus, probably) that blocks them from working, but that means I can't follow such links at all.

I don't want a solution that just allows the links to work the way Outbrain intends, I want to go to the link directly without their mediation.
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I'm not familiar with Outbrain specifically, but would something like Redirect Remover be suitable? It should work as long as the real destination is part of the URL.
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have you tried whitelisting them in adblock?
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I want to bypass the redirect and go directly to the link that is right there, clearly displayed when you mouse-over.

I don't want to allow Outbrain links to work as intended. Messing with links so that they take you somewhere different from where they claim when you mouse-over is extremely bad behavior in terms of web standards. Browsers should just prohibit that crap by default.
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would something like Redirect Remover be suitable? It should work as long as the real destination is part of the URL.

Unfortunately, it's not. If you look at the bottom of, say, a USA Today article:


The Links at the bottom under "More from USA Today" and "More from around the web" look like regular links, but if you right- or left-click on one of the links, it instantly changes to an Outbrain link that does not contain the actual link in the URL. (Try right-clicking and attempt to copy the link that you see when you mouse-over.)
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I see what you're saying, but doesn't clicking on the link actually take you to that site, albeit through their redirect?

I think that's just kind of part of the deal of clicking on links that they're generating, no?
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