Helpless Doorknob Scans needed
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Looking for scans of the 20 cards of Edward Gorey's "The Helpless Doorknob".

I will directing the stage version of Edward Gorey's "The Helpless Doorknob" this fall and I would like to be able to see the illustrations on the original 20 cards of the published "deck" version as part of my research for the show. Since the decks are rare, and sell on eBay for $200-$300 dollars, acquiring a copy of my own is not possible at the moment.

I can find images of some of the cards via Google, but not the complete set. I have contacted two individuals who have posted blog entries indicating that they owned a copy of the deck, and I asked if they would be willing to scan the cards and send me the images, and I have not had luck with either. So, again, in my time of need, I turn to you, MeFi.

Could anyone help me find copies of these cards? Thanks.
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Check on and see if your local library can get them on inter-library loan.
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What a great project!! Put it up at a project of kickstarter and let people fund your production.
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Ideefixe: I hadn't even thought of interlibrary loan, because I didn't think libraries would carry something like this. But my request is in now, I guess I'll update here if I get it or not.

at: An excellent idea! It probably wouldn't be too hard to raise just a few hundred dollars.
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