Hanging Weighty Wool
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Looking for a heavy-duty garment rack to hold multiple pieces of weighty clothing in a storage room.

I have a (not so) small collection of heavy wool cloaks, velvet capes, leather dusters, and other non-lightweight clothing for myself and my room mates, that we use for Ren Fairs, LARPs, etc. We've been keeping them in a storage room on a portable garment rack, but every few years, the rack breaks - inevitably at the plastic joints that holds the metal rods together.

I've looked on line for a stronger clothing rack, but all I can seem to find is California Closets, or the same nice looking, but flimsy racks that will snap again under the weight of the clothes.

I'm also looking for something portable / movable, as the room they are in gets shuffled a lot as various conventions / fairs / LARPs come and go, and we access different inventory.

Can anyone point me in the direction, purchased or easily DIY, of a sturdy garment hanging solution, tall enough to handle cloaks and longcoats?
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Something like these.
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Call up these guys. They sell and design solutions out of extruded slotted aluminum, and that stuff is robust as all-get-out. They got what you need. The site is pitched at commercial customers, but I know these guys, and they'll be more than happy to work with you as an individual. No buy really is too small for them. And once they design a rack for you, they'll just keep it on file and pitch it to other customers, so you can totally get a custom job here.

Give 'em a call.
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Are you in an area that has a restaurant supply store, perhaps in an industrial park? They will have rolling garment racks for use in coat-check that will be solid and utterly unbreakable. I doubt you would pay more than $100 for a 5' rack that will last an eternity. Most such places will do cash retail sales.
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I use one like this to hold motorcycle gear, which is pretty darn heavy. You can buy them cheaper at places like Sam's Club, though.
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Also, watch craigslist for apparel displays. I picked up three of these for my store and paid $100 for all three.
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the first link has it...i've worked in costumes for a decade or two and the folding rolling rack (first one) and the z-rack (mostly for theaters and places where the costumes arent being moved a lot...ie the racks dont need to fold down to fit in a car) are, well, the only 2 kinds of rolling racks i ever see in use. personally i reccomend the first one b/c it folds flat, is both light and sturdy, and sets up quickly.
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Admiral, thank you - I didn't even think there would be a website dedicated to only garment racks, but... this *is* the Internet! :-) The fact that they have a heavy-duty rack for 450 lbs. is precisely what I need.

The other solutions might work as well in other settings (On-site at the fairs, etc.), so the answers are still useful - thank you! (My S.O. has access to a restaurant depot, so that's a very good solution, too...)

Thank you, all!
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