How to retrieve iPod lock screen photo?
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On my iPod touch, I accidentally deleted a photo from my photo roll, but it is still being displayed as my lock screen photo. How can I get it back? (iOS 5.1 9B176, touch model MC540ll)
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You can take a screen shot of your lock screen to capture some of your photo back. Works best if the part you care about is in the center. Hopefully someone has a better solution!
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I don't know much about ipods I'm afraid, so these might be red herrings. But they may help your enquiry.

1. Is it jailbroken?
2. Is there a " ~/library/lockbackground.jpg "?
3. Or a /private/var/mobile/Library ?
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Do you have backups? iPhone Backup Extractor might be able to pull it out somehow. I would think any sort of backup/restore type thing would make it not un-possible to dig out the current background image.
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