Where are all the cool lady podcasts?
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Where are all the cool lady podcasts? I listen to TAL, Wiretap, Radiolab, The Truth, etc., all of which I love, but I would like to hear some female perspectives in the mix as well. I prefer science-y content but comedy or just life in general works too. I'm open to anything, really, just want to hear some great female podcasting.
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Julie Klausner's "How was Your Week?" is one I'm enjoying right now. She's smart, funny and a really solid interviewer.
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If you want science-y and cool lady, look at: Dr Kiki's Science Hour
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Janet Varney's The JV Club features female guests.
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I really enjoy CBC's Spark, hosted by Nora Young. Stuff to Blow Your Mind is good too, with a nice dynamic between the male and female cohosts.

I'll be watching for more suggestions here, because beyond that I think all of the female hosted podcasts I listen to have a crafty bent...
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Stuff You Missed in History Class? Or possibly Stuff Mom Never Told You.
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Earth Beat, hosted by Marnie Chesterton on Radio Netherlands.
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If you would enjoy a podcast about gay and feminist politics that's very silly and vulgar, you should check out Throwing Shade with Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi.
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Some of the answers in this question from late 2010 might still be useful.
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Slate DoubleX Gabfest
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You'll probably get a lot of recommendations for How was your week with Julie Klausner. The format is usually monologue followed by interviews (typically of someone from comedy or pop culture). I think the monologues are rough on new listeners but the interviews are fantastically naturalistic and conversational.

Don't forget that grand dame of NPR, Fresh Air is usually helmed by Terry Gross. Also, On the Media is co-hosted by the wonderful Brooke Gladstone.

NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour is hosted by Linda Holmes (who I think is a Mefite). Similiarly, two of the three standing hosts of Slate's Cultural Gabfest are women and their Double X Gabfest is almost always hosted by women. Slate's series of interviews with non-fiction authors, The Afterword is hosted by June Thomas.

Last but not least, I am a huge fan of Totally Laime. Elizabeth Laime, a comedy writer mainly interviews comedians. Her husband does appear on the show but he takes more of a sidekick role. Their rapport is tremendous.
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Best answer: Seconding Stuff You Missed In History Class. I'm meh on ...Mom Never Told You. Very feminism-lite, they tend to settle on completely asinine conclusions like "it's feminist to be a debutante". Which bugs me.

That said, they are pretty good at science talk, looking fairly critically at the studies that get trotted out to support this or that gender-oriented notion. But generally a hard "meh".
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Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman has a podcast.
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On Throwing Shade Erin Gibson teams with a gay man to snark on issues of the day.

It's worth a listen, if not all the time.
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I really enjoy CBC Radio's 'The Current' which is hosted four days a week by Anna Maria Tremonti. It's a current events show, so not exactly what you requested, but her interviewing is top notch. Mad respect for her.

Also seconding CBC's Spark with Nora Young. Fantastic show!
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After getting into Robert Sapolsky, I did a bunch of online searches and found out about the Brain Science Podcast, hosted by Ginger [Virginia] Campbell (, MD), a physician who practices emergency medicine in Alabama. She's super cool, and the podcasts include all kinds of engaging conversations and book reviews. The theme music sort of scares me, though.
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Galactic Suburbia, where "Alisa, Alex and Tansy bring you speculative fiction news, reading notes and chat from the galactic suburbs of Australia," has been nominated for a Hugo this year, as has SF Squeecast, which has several big female names in science fiction and fantasy as regular contributors.
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"All in the Mind is Radio National's weekly foray into the mental universe, the mind, brain and behaviour - everything from addiction to artificial intelligence." Historically hosted by Natasha Mitchell and this season on by Lynne Malcom this is a weekly podcast that touches on current events, hosts interviews, visits conferences and the like - pretty much an evening-news-magazine-format for all things mindful.
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The CBC's Definitely Not the Opera, hosted by Sook Yin Lee, takes a theme every week and integrates interviews with folks on the street, segments from production staff (often telling personal stories) and sometimes interviews with people who have some kind of expertise. The themes are usually just everyday life stuff, so it's an easy listen. There's also some music.

I haven't listened to a lot of This American Life, but my bet is that if you like TAL, you will like DNTO also.
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1) List of [most] episodes, for easy perusal
2) List of guests (with link to transcripts)

Get yr brain [science] on, girl.

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The mention of Fresh Air with Terry Gross reminded me of a local Dallas show called Think with Kris Boyd.

From their website:
Think features in-depth interviews with compelling guests, covering a wide variety of topics ranging from history, politics, current events, science, technology and trends to food and wine, travel, adventure and entertainment.
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The Dork Forest with Jackie Kashian.
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I second CBC's Definitely Not the Opera - I find it similar in some ways to This American Life, which I also love.
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I haven't actually listened to the Skepchick podcast, but I like their blog empire.
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A third of the music podcast Low Times does great female podcasting.
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Destination D.I.Y. is a show kind of in the vein of TAL but masterminded by Julie Sabatier and mostly made by women.
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Yes, seconding Definitely Not The Opera, Spark, and Stuff You Missed in History Class. I also really enjoy The Food Programme with Sheila Dillon on BBC Radio 4.
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It's definitely specific in its subject matter, but Cast On with Brenda Dayne is absolutely wonderful. Her voice is so soothing, and the topic matter engaging. Most especially if you're a knitter, fiber artist, or interested in the history of Wales!
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Stuff you Missed in History Class (with link, because it is awesome, and you will def want to subscribe).
Science Magazine Podcast (itunes rss) has female hosts -- it's a good way to keep up with current events in science
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Making It With Riki Lindhome is about building a career in Hollywood. She interviews both genders, but it's fun.

Also on Nerdist is Sex Nerd Sandra. Has a male co-host, I don't know if that invalidates it for you though.
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Sex Nerd Sandra is often very female-centered (her friend who came on about taboo fantasies like incest, the one about the couple that engages in rape play where the woman described why she considers it female-friendly safe space, etc.). It's a cliche that women are into cooking, but The Splendid Table sort of comes to mind too.
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Answer Me This! is only one-third female (maybe a bit more, because Martin the Soundman doesn't talk much) but it's very funny, smart, and doesn't make me cringe.
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The Dork Forest, Cocktails for Two, Women Aren't Funny are my go-to lady podcasts. The Mental Illness Happy Hour also has a good amount of ladies on it.

(harrumph selflinker I also have a podcast w/ a fellow lady comic, link can be found under my posts to Projects /selflinker)
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