Help me find a great, dark comic?
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Dark on-line comic about a boy left in his crib, who's then led astray by a malevolent cat - unforgettable, but now I can't find it for the life of me!

I remember being surprised that it was written and drawn by someone I wasn't aware of as a comics author - I keep thinking it was Genesis P Orridge but I'm finding no mention, so it was likely someone else. You clicked through from panel to panel, and the boy's hallucinatory trip, basically to hell and back, became weirder and darker, until at the end his nerves are shot, but he's back home - and so are his parents from an simple night out.
Can anyone remember? Is it still online somewhere?
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Response by poster: Yes!! Blegbad's Orpheus it is! (Blegvad being an outsider musician, as Orridge sometimes was.)

Has this ever been published in print?

Thanks so much G N.
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I have the book, and it is one of my favorites. Greg Nog, do you know where one could find more strips, online or in print?
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Response by poster: So it ran in the Independent on Sunday (which doesn't have an online archive) from 1992 to 1999, and was published in book-form by Overlook, and in the UK by Sort Of, in 2000; apparently a Mandarin translation was published by the China Times Publishing Company in 2010.

(Reviews, interviews.)
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