Post-graduation dessert for 20?
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Any suggestions for a restaurant in Baltimore where we can have (just) dessert for ~20 people following the Goucher graduation? A reservation would be ideal to assuage the stress of relatives.

Dinner plans are scattered among the relatives, but the graduate has asked us to find a place for everyone to have dessert/coffee together after dinner. I've never heard of anyone getting a reservation for dessert before. But since we're aiming to seat around 20 people, it seems like a better idea than descending on an unsuspecting coffee shop or restaurant.

Any suggestions, tips, or reality checks would be welcome!
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Cafe Hon?
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Woodberry Kitchen?

It's not inexpensive but you could keep it reasonable, they have valet parking, you can make a reservation, and they're very nice and accommodating.

I'd say it's 15 minutes from Towson? Maybe a bit more. You can just shoot down 83.
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Although it's kind of far from Towson, Vaccaro's in Little Italy is kind of a go-to dessert place. I'm not at all sure they take reservations, and it can get crowded, so I'm not sure I'd go without one.
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I don't have any recommendations, but I am coming here to say that if you're going to go to a restaurant with 20 people you should definitely get a reservation. The purpose of the reservation is to make sure they have seating for you.

And please make sure to tell the person taking the reservation that you're only planning on getting dessert. Tables are almost always split up so that servers have roughly the same number of people in an attempt to both keep someone from being totally overwhelmed and to keep the money earned roughly equal.
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There is also a Vaccaro's in Hunt Valley which is around 10 minute drive from Goucher.. it is on the smaller side.

They recently opened a Cheesecake Factory in Towson Town Center which is walking distance from Goucher. It was built into the new high end section of the mall but the entrance is accessible from the street. They generally do not take reservations but they might be able to pull some strings for a special occasion.
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