Help getting wee bit of CALM, VERNON experience.
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For a job application- How can I get a little bit of hands on experience of using an archives management system like CALM or VERNON? I live in Bristol, England.

I'm applying for a job and experience of using one of these is an essential component.

I reckon I've got most of the skills that would be gained from experiencing these systems anyway: I've got lots of experience using library (not archive) management systems and have set up projects using various content management systems for the web. I'm aware of the use and purpose of diferent metadata schema, and the use/purpose of assorted Authority lists/structures for controlling vocabulary, and the distinctions between those. Created audiovisual/photo collections cobbling together Flickr/Microsoft Expression studio/ horrifying misuse of IPTC. (This last included lots of problem solving pointing towards the things that an archives CMS does more easily.) But... truthfully, I haven't had the chance to use these systems, though I'd probably have kissed them if they'd been available to me at various points. I need to be able to say that I have at least had a wee bit of experience to get past the form-checking process.

Other applicants might well have more experience in this part, but my additional experiences in other areas of the job are a good fit- makes me think it'd be a shame to lose out just because I don't technically have the experience of a particular system.

Alternatively, ways to get past the application checking process to do my stuff in interview and reassure them that a: I get it; b: I have experience of similar stuff; c: (considering me as a candidate for the post) there's loads of added value in other areas.
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Response by poster: Was eventually able to go and do a bit of volunteering work at my local museum and use their CALM system. It was too late to go into the application I'd had in mind (they never replied or interviewed me) but it fills a gap for next time. Turns out it's not that big a thing, but it's amazing what makes the difference.

Marked as closed now, because noone else has any ideas. Good luck to you if you ended up here on a similar search.
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