Help locating jewelry website?
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A long time ago (~5 years or more), I happened on a website for a man selling silver charm necklaces. The background was black and everything was very dark-themed. I remember one necklace being about Romeo and Juliet, and the charms were I think a bottle of poison, a dagger, and a sleeping potion, and there was an Alice in Wonderland-themed one too. Most of the necklaces had 3 charms and they all had a story associated with them. The charms were almost all made of oxidized silver. The necklaces were quite expensive. It wasn't a company, it was just a guy with a website. I'm trying to locate the site, and Googling (even image search) has proven fruitless. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

(I know, it's not the most to go on, but hopefully someone will recognize it. My girlfriend makes jewelry and I wanted to show her the site but couldn't find it.)
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was it this guy? i don't see that particular set, but that doesn't mean it wasn't there in the past.
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That wasn't it, but thanks for trying! The one I'm looking for was less goth-y and more artsy.
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Don't know if he's the "right" artist, but this guy makes some AMAZING stuff: Daniel J. Riccio at
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Doesn't quite fit... but could it be Pyrrha?
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Googling images for "Alice in Wonderland" and "Romeo and Juliet" charms necklace brings up some different pieces such as this and this. Maybe you'll see something familiar.
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Found it! The name is Steven Trussell and the site is - I delved into my memory and remembered it said "drink me" on the bottle, and that turned out to be the critical search term. His site has changed quite a bit since I first saw it. Thanks everyone for the leads!
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