Short story for dictation
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Looking for a short story to read to my school class for them to practice dictation.

I am taking part in a small educational research project that involves me reading a story aloud to a mixed, both in sex and ability, class of 30 students. They are UK year 7, which translates to between 11 and 12 years old. We will be spending about 5 minutes a day with me reading the story and them copying it down.

It is hoped that over time, and as we progress through the story, the students will become more competent at dictation and we will cover more each day.

I am having difficulty finding a short story that:

a) Has a high density of interesting/excitement/"want to know more" feeling to it.
b) Appeals to both boys and girls of varying interest.
c) Has an appropriate reading level.

Any ideas would be superb - thanks.

Side note: I know that dictation can be of limited value, but that is part of the point of the study!
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Poison by Roald Dahl might be interest. It's certainly very tense.

It was my 9th Grade go-to story because it really is exciting. If you're sensitive about snakes though....ew!
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How about The Conversion of Ka'ahumanu?
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The Lottery?
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The Ransom of Red Chief, by O Henry!
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Coraline by Neil Gaiman is great to read aloud.
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Here are some Japanese tales:

The Story of the Man Who Did Not Wish to Die..... or listen to it

The White Hare and the Crocodiles

The Tongue-Cut Sparrow

When I was that age, we had dictation once a week and it really helped with spelling and punctuation. Those were the times where we had homework each and every day for each class. sigh.

Good luck with your research project.
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Maybe something by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (in translation)? I am thinking of The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World, for example. Or something from Vonnegut's Welcome to the Monkey House... Harrison Bergeron? Hawthorne and Poe are always good (but maybe not for that age, I don't know).
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On second thought, Harrison Bergeron (while a great story) is a terrible suggestion. Nevermind.
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I remember hearing Lamb to the Slaughter by Roald Dahl when I was about that age.

It's great because the reader knows how it ends...but do the characters in the story? It's interesting listening, it's fun because it's a clever homicide, and it will keep the kids interested over the course of several days (weeks?) because they know how it ends but will want to see if the police can figure it out.
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Seconding "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson. Creepy goodness!
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These are some ace suggestions - many thanks to you all. Poison looks like a winner at the moment. It fulfils the suspense aspect and has language that my students will be able to understand and write.

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