Where should I have my SF wedding dinner?
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In search of a moderately priced restaurant for a smallish (~40 guests) wedding dinner in San Francisco in late August.

So I'm getting married in San Francisco at City Hall at the end of August. Whee! We're planning to have a sit-down dinner/drinks/cake thing for our family and friends afterwards. What we're looking for is a nice atmosphere with a private or at least semi-private space for us. Good food is important, but I also want a nice looking place as well.

Other considerations: must be vegetarian friendly, must have some dinner options that won't horrify my steak-and-potatoes kinda family, and should hopefully not cost more than $100 per person (including drinks). Location isn't super important, but I would prefer that it be in the city somewhere.

Thanks for your help! I love San Francisco but haven't been there in several years so planning all of this is proving to be a bit daunting.
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Delancey Street.
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My friend took me to Poesia in the Castro. Parking sucks, but it's wonderful!

It's Italian, so lots of veggie dishes, elegant in an old house, quiet and charming.
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I think Presidio Social Club could be perfect. The space is lovely, but not crazy formal. It's very intimate, the food is wonderful but not fussy, and they do special events (like wedding dinners) all the time. Definitely check them out; it would be well under $100/person.
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As of two years ago I could recommend The Nob Hill Motor Inn as an inexpensive, excellent motel in a great neighborhood.

In case you need that too.
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Absinthe has a private dining room that seats around 45 and I think it meets all your requirements. It has a nice ambiance and I really love their food. It's also fairly close to City Hall.
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I was going to second Delancey Street. Nothing super fancy, but they've got some nice private spaces and do a good range of food including basic steak-and-potatoes stuff. Their community service mission (they operate housing and training for ex-cons and recovering addicts and use their businesses to provide job skills training for their participants) is a great plus too.
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This list on opentable might help.

Spruce might be in your price range, or just over. I've heard great things about them.
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Seconding Absinthe. I just went there while on vacation. Top-tier mixed drinks and stellar food.

(if you happen to like mixing your own drinks, they've got a book out (The Art Of The Bar) that's pretty awesome, and has many of their own recipes in it)
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I think it's unlikely that Absinthe can do $100/pp including drinks, though. I recently went to a baby shower brunch there, and it was $50/pp without drinks for their set meal. Delicious, and a lovely space, but I think well over your budget.
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Thanks everyone! Delancey Street Restaurant could not be more perfect for us - we're thrilled to be able to do a reception at a venue with such a fantastic history of community service. Their event planner has been awesome to work with and we're getting exactly what we'd hoped for. Metafilter is the best. :)
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